Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's the DOING that counts

It’s never a question of “What do I need to do to make myself better”.

The answers are always there:

Start eating healthy
Run on the beach
Stop smoking
Get a good part-time job

I mean how simple is that? No rocket-science involved here. It’s not like you’re marketing a product and scratching your head about how to best spend your advertising dollars. Or facing a shit-hot sports team and trying to devise a strategy as to how to beat them.

The strategy is there. Simple A to B stuff. Take losing weight. No guess-work necessary – just reduce your intake. Guaranteed results!

The problem for me is DOING the damn stuff. The A to B part is not the problem. For me it’s getting from where I am TO point A. People overlook this. A to B is not the whole story. It’s ZERO to A to B. The first leg is where I fall down.

Like: “Just go for a light jog”. Cool, but how do I get from here, lying horizontal in a depressed stupor to the beginning of the jog? That’s the damn killer.

And as always I come back to the same critical concept: Discipline. It ALWAYS boils down to self-discipline in the end. I’m seeing this so much lately that if a magic genie popped out of one of my pill bottles and I could wish for one personal trait – it would undoubtedly be SELF-DISCIPLINE.

What cannot be achieved with it?
What CAN be achieved without it?

Want to become a disciple of something?
Become a DISCIPLE of discipline.
Me, I’m going to.

This last week has been the worst since starting this blog. And I’m not out of it yet. But its sparked some really deep thinking about my life and I cannot help thinking that once I’m through the rough, my life is going to benefit from the couple insights I’ve gained.


  1. "DISCIPLE of discipline"

    I love the phrase. I want to apply that phrase to myself. How am I going to do it, though? Maybe the answer is to stop thinking about it and just get off my ass. Harder than it sounds though.

    By the way I sent you an email a few days ago about an RSS feed for your site. I've figured it out since then.

    Sorry to hear about your week but I'm glad somethings coming from it.

  2. Just remember that when you are down, you may not feel like doing these things. When you are down, worrying that you are not doing these things can get you more down. I hope you'll give yourself a break and just work on the things which have to be done now, letting the other things go for ~now~.

  3. I second what Joel said. Life changes are very hard when you are "down"

  4. let me know after you've figured this out. i'd like to know.

  5. let me know after you've figured this out. i'd like to know.

  6. I too have slumped into a huge depression where you know what needs to be done, in order to come out of it, but when you stuck in that deep black hole, its like you cant come out, nothing motivates or impresses. But what saved me, was thinking rationally that too would pass and I would eventually come out of it. I would tell myself nothing lasts forever. Hope things start looking up for you.


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