Thursday, March 16, 2006

The System Sucks

Has anyone actually sat down and worked out how much money an individual will need to live adequately on planet earth from birth to death? Millions! Taxes, food, mortgage, transport, education, kid's education, health... In other words we are born into HUGE debt.

WHY? Are the birds and squirrels and fish born into debt?? Nah. Only the clever species - homo sapiens.

Think we've made huge progress since Feudalism? Bullshit. We're just as tethered to our desks as the serfs were ever tethered to their fields. Just as subject to our CEO's whims as they were to their feudal lord's. At least our great-great-granddaddys got to see the sunshine. Feudalism's just got a new name: Capitalism. (And, NO, just because I can see the F-up of capitalism, doesn't make me a communist)

Did you ever read about the poor souls who used to slave for 11 hours a day in the cotton mills in England? I bet you thought to yourself: "Silly Fckers, why did they put up with it?" Well, I've got news for you - When did you last work 11 hours at your desk? If international statisitcs are anything to go by - probably 3 days ago.

That's what really gets me. Is that everybody just seems to go along with it. We've given in. "This is just how things are." "Make the most of it". And in the background the cotton mills just hum along, drowning out the protest from the odd dissident.

Is this just the rant of a guy whose on the verge of accepting that his latest business venture is a failiure? Or is it a glimpse of the naked emperor?

Likely a bit of both...


  1. When I was young, they told us how electronics would free us. The truth is we are more enslaved now that we have ever been. You have cell phones that allow your boss to follow you anywhere. You have computers which let him see what you read and think about. Drug tests to see what you ingest.

    And they are dreaming of more boss-friendly intrusions into your life. The government is prevented from doing this, but those private fiefdoms can do as they please.

  2. I've always thought it was insane- you spend your entire life working with a week or two off a year- you work until you are too old and unhealthy to work anymore and then IF you are very lucky and have been very frugal you own a house and can rest- of course now you are too old and infirm to enjoy it. If you havent had the luxury of a good education and have just been in the blue collar workforce you probably dont have enough money to buy your medications and live the rest of your declining years in poverty anyway. It makes no sense.

  3. My brother used to hold this maxim: Life Sucks, Then You Die. But a lot of comparing and contrasting later, I'm thinking he's altered his perspective a bit. You're only worse or better off than the people you compare yourself too. Me, I don't own a lot of things. No house, no car, ergo no debt. I've always managed to wangle someplace to live, and a ride if I really needed to get somewhere. I'm also gainfully employed. If life sucks I guess I'm not really feeling the for the system, however, that's one big swirling vortex that I like to hold myself well back of.

  4. compare yourself TO.


  5. I hear you loud and clear. That's why I try to spend more time with my family. Can't take money with ya to the afterlife.

  6. I think its healthy to wonder why more people don't stand up. For anything.

    Which is sicker?: The system that is not healthy or people not questioning it?

    There are places (I'm thinking countries)that work out ways for people to spend more time with their families and not feel guilty about it.

    I think for me, I do what I need to do and try to ignore the world. If they want to be jealous that I can live with or without my part-time job, then they can wish they had bipolar as well.

  7. ROFLMAO Tart - that was too funny and hit me just where I needed it today- wishing bi-polar on em LOLOL that'll teach em to be jealous hehehehehehe


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