Sunday, April 02, 2006


To tell you the truth, I've got jackshit to say today. Unusual. Usually I've got at least 4 or 5 ideas to write about every day and have to rank them to decide which one to pursue. But now all the output just seems to have dried up. It's not like I'm down or anything - I'm feeling kind of contented right now.

One of my New Year's Aspirations this year was to up the Output and down the Input. I've been imputting for years now. Guzzling about 3 books a month, all of them highly complex non-fiction tomes. So this year I decided was gonna be the year of output. I haven't read one book this year.
But right now it seems like I'm running short on output. I could have cheated and just put in a post which I wrote in draft some time ago. I usually have a few pieces in draft in reserve. But somehow it doesn't feel right. Those were written then, and this is now, and they just don't fit. The whole idea of my blog is to write about where I am at right now, not where I was at 3 weeks ago. Even my photos - I try post only those taken on that day or the day before.

Oh well, at least I've said something...


  1. Contentment isn't very creatively motivating is it? Enjoy your day.


  2. i'm the same way, bpguy.. i write posts, end up leaving them as drafts and never post them. it doesn't feel right for me either.

    anything you have to say is an interesting read for me.. so you could post text in dr. seuss format and i'd still comment.


  3. I gave up on the daily post thing about a month ago, when my classes became more interesting and demanding. And I've got a few backposts sitting around too. Hmmm. I do like your photos, though.


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