Monday, April 03, 2006


Dreaming Mage left a comment yesterday:

"Contentment isn't very... motivating is it?"

You hit it on the head! And that's exactly why the global economy doesn't want you to be content. They need motivated workers, who are so discontent that they continually have to rush out and buy material goods. And there is a whole conspiracy against you the consumer to make sure that you never discover contentment. Advertisers collude to delude your subconscious mind. Media feeds you loaded messages 24/7. And the vast majority of society, who have been totally duped, looks down upon anybody who shows any signs of waning ambition and increasing contentment.

I mean if you're content why do you even need motives? You're happy here and now and nothing is lacking. Why do you need to get from A to B, if A is where you want to B?

Maybe that's why you seldom hear about super-wealthy Buddhists. By societies standards these dudes are a bunch of lazy, unmotivated slackers. And you can see that because they've got nothing to show for it - no lavish properties, no fancy cars, no bling.

"He who dies with the most toys dies nevertheless"

(Thanks Mage - you saved me. My Blogger's Block continues and I don't know what i would've done without this little rant on contentment)


  1. very glad to be of service :D


  2. The Buddhists here in South Korea own temples on very prime, World Heritage Site protected real estate. If that's not bling, I don't know what is. As for the collusion of advertisers et al, being apart from an English-language continuum in public discourse has been surprisingly beneficial to my mental health. I can just ignore all the urging, hounding and haranguing. I purchase food and...hmm...oh yes, train, bus and boat tickets for my vacations. I don't really need to get away from anything but there are friends and family that I like to visit and I don't own a car. In South Korea, that's practically heresy! I also don't own a cell-phone, but let's keep that a secret. I hope to visit Shangri-La next year and be pleasantly disappointed.

  3. contentment may not be motivating but it is a very nice state to be in :) I try and visit there as often as possible

  4. Thoreau would be very pleased with you.


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