Friday, April 28, 2006

Up Skeleton Gorge

It was a gorgeous day in Cape Town yesterday, perfect to go up a gorge (but no we didn't gorge ourself with food at the top).

So Miss L and friend dragged me up Table Mountain's Skeleton Gorge. Steep, steep, steep...step, step step. (sorry for this - can't help myself). Good thing I've stopped smoking.

The ascent took about 2 hours and the plan was to have lunch on the top and then go back down the gorge. But BPG made the mistake of suggesting that we push on, right to the other side of Table Mountain, and catch the cableway down.

Another 2 hours of steep ascent. We finally summited at MacLear's Beacon, the highest point on the Table Mountain Range. Man was I fckered by the time we got to the Cableway. If it weren't for the meditation I've been doing, and the ability to just focus on one step at a time, I would not have made it.

But it was a great day. Seems like I might have found something that Miss L and I can do together and really bond. At last. Planning a few more hikes in the coming weeks.

I've had a major change in life philosophy here. Back in the corporate days I was super fit. Gym, running, cycling and plenty hiking. But in 2001 when I ditched the corporate lifestyle in disgust, I ditched the fitness obsession too. It just seemed to be such an integral part of the whole Corporate scene in South Africa that rebelling against the fitness obsession seemed like a statement I had to make.

You can see Cape Town's southern suburbs sprawling below in this pic, with False Bay in the distance.

And everytime I heard that "Excercise is the best antidote to depression", I scoffed and kind of put it out of my head. But now I'm beginning to see that I threw the proverbial baby out with the corporate bath water.

So you're gonna see a lot more outdoor adventures from BP Guy.


  1. Hiking is great. Much better than running a treadmill like a hamster. You get to spend quality time with your daughter and enjoy the beauty of nature too. Who needs a gym?!?!?!

  2. If you hike enough you'll be too tired to get depressed, believe it or not. And any manic energy gets used up by exercise as well. Seems like the best of both worlds, doesn't it? Perhaps when the yellow dust from China moves on I'll climb nearby mountain and post a picture of Daegu on my blog.


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