Saturday, April 29, 2006

Where to now?

I've been blowing hot and cold on the future of this blog for some time now. But I guess that's what BiPolars do - blow hot & cold.

On 27 January this year I posted the following:

"Deep down I can feel a stirring, and a kind of unshakeable faith that I'm finally gonna get my arse into gear."

"One day hopefully I'll look back at this post and say "Ah...that was the turning point".

Well you know what? I am looking back at this post and there has been a definite turning point. So much so, that I'm not sure where this blog is headed anymore. Mood swings come in short-term cycles and long-term cycles, kind of like comparing the waves of the ocean with the tides. For the past month I've been undergoing a major transition out of 5 years of long term down.

Right now I'm very excited about what the future holds for me. I have acheived a lot on the long-term ups before and I know I'll do it again. Sure there will still be the daily and weekly waves that bob up and down, but there is no doubt in my mind now that the tide has turned.

So I'm not sure if I want to be writing about BiPolar every day anymore. I need to focus on other things. I'm not suggesting for a minute that I am cured of BiPolar (there isn't a cure), but I just think that at this point it would be better for me to forget about my diagnosis for a while. "Underidentify" if you like.

Which leaves big questions about this blog. If I'm not gonna be writing about BiPolar, what will I write about? Excluding my BiPolar, I don't think I have an exciting enough life to make for a good read to others. I've had a few other ideas. Like posting photos of the many hikes I am planning. Updates on my concrete poetry on the Word Project . But whatever it is gonna be, it's not gonna be happening daily. So this blog will stay open, but I can't promise when you'll see the next post. Yeah, there'll be one sometime in the future, but don't ask me what it will be about or where I'll be at that point in my life.

I'd like to thank all my readers of this blog. You guys have been incredibly supportive and helped pull me through the rough patches. I'm gonna miss you. And I'd just like to leave you with a little saying to think about when you are really down:

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world
The master calls a butterfly


  1. I just got here and you're leaving. I can respect that. I'm just starting my journey of research. I've got alot of reading to do, but thanks in advance for your insights and links to other resources. (Semper Fidelis)

  2. I would like to thank you for almost single-handedly getting me to re-identify with my lifelong illness. You've provided the terminology and tenacity I needed to admit some things to myself, and I've grown quite a bit in the process. As you might have noticed, my blog has also become intermittent at best but I will be returning to it now and then as I do need to check my e-mail every day and every once in a while someone does post a comment. Thanks! :)

  3. Oh, Bipolar Guy, I am glad you are feeling better. If it is true that all good things must come to end, maybe its because even better things came along. That seems to be what you are saying. But I will miss you. You have meant so much to me, like I said on mine once, You showed that you could say it right out loud with the diagnosis, be who you are, and further blow everyone away with your intelligence and show that putting the diagnosis out there in the first place does not really matter. We can have a mental illness and still be monster intelligent and darn it, happy.

    Our minds and lives are who we are, we do not have to be defined by the illness. At the same time, we have been educated to handle it with class.

    That has just meant the world to me.

    Whatever you do, I wish you the best. If you just post how much you enjoyed your morning coffee, know that we still get a kick out of that.


  4. Please keep this site even if you write ocassionally about BP. It has been a revelation and an inspiration to me and others, so please perpetuate this wonderful site.

  5. I'm glad you're keeping the blog here & that you'll update sometimes. This is your blog & you should just write about what you want to, whatever is going on in your life or your thoughts. I'll be back to read more :)


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