Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm Flying

Things are clicking, thing's are zipping
Insomina the last few nights - should be tired but I'm fucking WIRED
AC/DC blaring, downloading Led Zepplin; music memories...getting back into that 13 yr old mindset. Joining Miss L on her bursting exuberence. Man, I love that girl.
LET THERE BE ROCK . "But it's old dad, sounds like country...."

Googabytes and googabytes of ideas flyin round my head
Like a fucking pinball machine BING, ZAP, BOING, FZZZT, DLINGGG
The Pinball Wizard. "The WHO????"
Pinball Wizard, I told ya. I can see for miles and miles.
Multi-tasking about 50 apps open on my cmptr right now:
playing on-line backgammon
reading my new google rss reader (Screw Newsgator!) Go Ogle people. Go Ogle.
Yeah, they got us - LIVE ON OD. Fckn backwards.
co-oridinating music downloads from (CHECK THIS SITE DUDES - whole latest albums for a Dollar apiece) (BPG's on 40gigs and going)
Catching every business email as it comes in. Reply in milliseconds. Wins them over everytime
Checking out - cool site
Looking for a blog of someone living in Iran. Know anyone good?? Like a "WATCH THIS SPACE"
"Your Turn"
"Are you still there?"
Yeah I'm still here mothersticker, I'll get to you soon

We're all going back to the centre. Who needs goddam applications on their desk/laptops?? It's all migrating out there onto the web - take Miss L - there no boundaries - when she's on the cmptr. What's on the machine, what's off the machine - no fckn difference! Should there be???

Cricket starting just now...
gotta do that mensa short story comp too. "What if..." international competition. That's how dan brown started. Entered a fckn Mensa essay competition. Yeah he's a mnsn too.
Just beat the German expert (BROWN player)

I'll unpack it all soon

Man, if only this could last
and last

Jimi Hendrix. Manic depression. .Think I gotta register it. It won't be long...


  1. Boy, has Jimi pegged you today. I need someone to be a bit Manic to read as it balances me a bit.

    BTW...Put a LINK on my Blog for you

  2. I would get a little scared if I was this red happy faced. I guess it's because for ME mania means scary stuff like flying right up to Saturn, the quiet room and Haldol in my a**. But maybe not for you. I hope your mania is enjoyable. They keep me too medicated to ever feel that good.

  3. Wow...what a perfect manic entry...I loved it, and envied it at the same time.


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