Sunday, May 21, 2006


Mrs M and I saw The da Vinci Code last night. Real let down. I really loved the book, especially since I had previous personal interests in Fibonnaci Numbers, gnosticism, symbolism and early church history. (Hey, in my last truly manic episode I even emailed Dan Brown urging him to listen to my discoveries on the Freemasons).

But a book like this cannot be squeezed into a movie. An 8 part mini-series maybe, but not Hollywood format. Having said that, the producers certainly won't lose on their bet - millions who read the book will flock to see the movie for themselves, crap or not-crap.

The negotiations for the sale of my business to this international co. has reached a very interesting point. They need more info to decide a price. I need some definite commitment before divulging valuable info. I mean, shit, these guys have stated up-front that if they don't buy me out they're gonna get into the exact same market themselves. Why the fck should I give them all the info and then they turn round and say thanks, but no thanks, we won't be buying your biz.

A chicken and egg situation. OK, so they offered to sign an NDA. Big fckn deal. An NDA is designed for when you have a unique idea that the other party is unlikely to be privy to. Not for when you're dealing with a direct fckn competitor! They obviously think BPG is green in these matters.

Not a fck. So what I'm doing is giving them some very ball-park details and figures of my operation, enough for them to decide if they want to seriously proceed or not. And I'm gonna give them my price. Then, if they're serious and need more info, they must put 50 000 bucks into my attorney's account. If they buy, the 50k will be used towards the purchase price. If they don't the 50k goes to BPG and they can put it down to fckn R&D.

Don't like it? Lump it!


  1. Wow, good luck with this. I'm surprised you're so upbeat and not stressing.

  2. Business ethics? Just another one of those oxymorons. I'm referring to your potential purchaser there. Me, I prefer to play the part of the complacent employee, and then f**k off when I can't take the bulls**t anymore. Most jobs last about two years.

    As for that cheap land on the east coast, it's all rural and it does snow a bit but if you can get a nice woodlot and a woodstove you might last it out until global warming really kicks in. I'm looking at 44 acres on the side of a mountain in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia myself. I need to start doing some serious painting and writing in the next ten years, and living in Toronto or Vancouver ain't going to let that happen.

  3. LOLOLOL- that part bout emailing Dan Brown probably should have been in the best of the mania's!!!!

  4. Anonymous21 May, 2006

    Good Luck!!

  5. You're doing great in all this,BPG.
    I would have thoght that you would have cycled many times by now, I would have. Am glad you are sharing a bit with us, understand you must keep things close to your chest as they most likely monitor this medium as well. All I can say is...Keep on, Keepin' On!!!!

  6. I think it's a great idea to make them pay to see more, so to speak. You do the same thing with a lawyer, they want something before even knowing your problem. Whatever you do, screw em good, just for Tart. It'll make me feel better anyway. I like knowing someone's making good with their life. If you're in a position to squeeze it, I say enjoy your lemonade!!


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