Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Strong Position

There's been rain aplenty down here in Cape Town, and our little river which only started flowing about a month ago (see here) , is no longer jump-over-able. So on days when it isn't warm enough to go barefoot I've started wearing my rubber boots. I could always just walk the other way, but I only get to the best part of the beach by crossing the stream.

I've been suprisingly steady during all of these biz negotiations. Probably because I'm in such a strong position. They approached me to buy, not me approaching them to sell, which immediately puts me on the front foot. And I don't mind if the sale doesn't go through. OK, so they're a mega corporation and can probably throw a bit of money at press and TV advertising that BPG can't. But that kind of advertising is useless on the Neb. You need live links that take you there OneClick, not "see-the-advert-on-tv" -> "remember the name" -> "go-to-the-cmptr" -> "type-in-the-name" -> FINALLY get there. And when it comes to online advertising I can easily match them.

Also: they're gonna take at least 3 months to get to market, and you can betcha bottom rupee that I'm not gonna be sleeping during those 3 months. The timing has been very fortuitous for me - I've recently latched onto a longterm up-cycle and I can easily ratchet my productivity up by 30%. They, on the other hand, are gonna have to employ someone to run their show, for a salary. Now who's gonna do better - a guy that's just there for the salary, or a guy who has his whole future invested in this thing? And there's nothing like a little stiff competition to raise BPG's ballgame.

In fact, if they don't decide to buy me now, I wouldn't be surprised if they're forced to buy me out a year down the line at DOUBLE the price!

Listening to Seal right now. Man, this dude is under-rated. Unique voice, great beat.

Have a cool day...


  1. Just listen to you, evry word you type has a wonderful harmony to it. What a wonderful position you are in and your upswing to match.
    Keep it up!!!!!

  2. I am so glad things are going so well for you right now. After this sale there will be no more debt! Woo hoo for you!

    I like Seal too.

    Hey, are you avoiding me or just busy?

  3. I agree about Seal. Unique voice, great beat, beautiful wife and way-cool facial scarification. Glad to hear you're not stressing about your biz.


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