Saturday, May 06, 2006

Scenes from the beach

Took a walk on the beach about an hour ago. You'd think that walking everyday on the same beach there was nothing new to see. But that's what I love about the seashore - it's always changing. Different tides, different weather, different sea conditions. Kind of like a BiPolar.

Kite surfing

This little stream only flows in winter after the first rains.

One man and his dog

One man on his own


I've come back down to basecamp after yesterday's excursion which is fine, maybe even good, providing I don't carry on down into the valley


  1. Very beautiful. Can that kite pick you up? Cause it looks like it could pick you up and take you away - watch out for those rocks!

  2. If I lived near that beach I think I would be on it everyday. Count your blessings

  3. Beautiful pictures, very calming.
    Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of Playa Del Rey, California in the Winter.

  4. Beautiful! Nice to see your side of the world!


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