Monday, May 08, 2006

Strange street

Went with Mrs M, Miss L & friend to the monthly holistic fair in Observatory yesterday. My principal motivation in going (besides been the daily chauffuer) was to release my third book into the wild. Which I did.

But on the way there we had to go down Milton Street and about halfway down I took this photo. 2 really strange things. First you can see a pair of sneakers hanging in the sky from a telephone line. Second, if you look in the bottom left corner you will see part of a white sign on the orange colour wall. As you'll see in the close up below this sign belongs to Dr Alan Eatwell the homeopath. No, this is not a joke, I looked him up in the telephone directory and Dr Eatwell really exists. Fkcn weird street huh?

It's a big day down here in South Africa. Our former vice president ( until 2 months ago) has been in a rape trial for the last month. Today the verdict is read. Yes RAPE, you read right - not some little blowjob from an intern who's name begins with M. And even if he's found innocent on this one, in 2 months time he faces a trial for fraud. Scariest part of the whole story - Jacob Zuma (the man in question) is probably the most popular politician in the country at the mo, enjoying vast support from the rural black population and, although he's been suspended from the ANC, he's a leading candidate for next president. Ah, the joys of Africa...

Feeling a bit down today. It's like the long run of "In-the-Pinks" (capped with a "Yeeehaaa!" on Friday) has finally caught up with me. But there's another good reason for the down - I'm strating to get a head cold. Sore throat. Burning nose. So I'm confident this will blow over real soon.


  1. Must have had a former American Marine walking by. They love to throw their combat boots over the wires near Camp Pendleton.

  2. If only his first name were "Herb", it would be perfect.


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