Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Spending Spree Justification

OK, so I've been pretty up for a while and yes, with BiPolars, that always gives one an itch to buy stuff. Buy, buy, buy...

But tell me if this isn't a rational justification for purchasing my 30gig iPod:

If I get an ipod this is what happens:

  • I don't have to replace my broken old discman - R 500 (prices in SA currency)
  • I don't have to get a bigger external hardrive to back up on. It no longer fits everything anymore (especially with the 25 gigs of music I've recently downloaded) - R 800
  • I don't have to get another compact flash disk for my digi camera. With a little gadget on the ipod you can download straight onto the ipod - R 800
  • I don't have to replace the CD player in my car. Can just plug the iPod in - R 900
  • I've got a credit note at the local store which I'll end up spending on something I don't need. Use it for the iPod purchase and I save - R 400
  • I don't have to burn all my music to disc - 50 disks - R 100
  • I don't have to fiddle every day with which music I'm gonna listen to. 5 minutes a day = 35 minutes a week = 30 hours a year @ R 250 an hour (what my time is worth) = R 8 750
  • Having every kind of music at my fingertips is bound to help me with mood management and become a helluva lot more productive - priceless (but we won't add this one to the numbers)

Total money saved = R 12 250
Cost of iPod = R 3000

PROFIT = R 9 250.

Tell me a better ivestment!

(ps when my dictaphone breaks down I won't need to buy another one - just get a plug-on for the iPod. Another R 600!)


  1. I can't help you on this one. I LOVE my iPOD. My hubby bought for Xmas for me or I'd have never bought one for myself. I can't live w/out it.

  2. Perhaps a 60gb might be the better investment. I'm hoping to use mine (once I've purchased it) for viewing clips of the silent documentaries I'll be making while filming additional scenes. You see, my polaroid digital camera doesn't have a viewer/display thingy!

  3. I can totally relate to your buying spree urges. I have historically done the same thing and made similar rationalizations. Hey, I read your excuses, and they sounded good to me. Enjoy your iPod! (I got a mini iPod as a gift not to long ago -- I love it!) -Zoe

  4. brilliant rationalizations!!!

  5. If you feel like you need to apply penance, you can buy me one.


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