Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some Clarification

BPG's web interests:

  • www.theWORDproject.com : going since 2000. Online portfolio of concrete poetry
  • 3 X Commercial websites : this is my "career", the work I struggle to do on Pretty-Shitty days.
  • BiPolar Daily: daily crap, recently graduating to daily(ISH).

The websites that have been targeted by large potential buyers are the 3 commercials sites. I don't think theWORD project would sell for $100. As for BP Daily...well, I won't even go there.

I've been playing down my interest in selling today. Was meant to send the Bus Dev Manager some details, but decided I wouldn't, as I don't want them to think I'm a pushover. That way I'll get a better price.

Truth is: I'm not that keen to sell. The sites DO have potential and 2 years of hard work (on "In-the-Pink" days anyway) is starting to pay off. Besides, I've sold a business before and although the huge whack of cash is great in the beginning you're left wondering what you're going to do for a career after a year or 2.

The only reason I will consider selling (price depending of course) is because I've got a STUPENDOUS idea for another website. I've already got the domain, sketched out the basic functionality and run it past my developer. And this site will be pure web 2.0, unlike my existing commercial sites which are pretty much web 1.25, a little up from web 1.0, but really zero innovation.

And this new site I reckon I'll be able to sell out for BEEG, BEEG dollars about 18 months down the line. I mean BEEG enough to truly retire.

But I'm not losing sight that the whole thing could backfire. A sale may not materialise, which means that these potential buyers may wind up being direct competitors. Nothing like a large international company VERSUS BiPolar Guy to conjure up some stress.

So here's hoping...

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  1. I hope it works out for you. Heck I'm impressed that you did something great enough to attract interest in the first place. how awesome!!!


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