Sunday, June 25, 2006

Q & A

Yeah I know - a very neglected area of late. So here goes (in no particular order):

Jen: Yes, I took the photo the day before. The response took me by surprise as, personally, I thought it was pretty ordinary (btw: all the pics on this blog are taken by me max 48 hours before actually posting)

Kansas Sunflower: I think you're on target. Forcing myself to work more worked for about a week and then it fizzled back to  the usual.

Michelle: 250g of Lamictil a day (+40mg prozac and .25mg Fluanxol). And the news the other day does apply to Cape Town. The rest of Africa is a lot worse.

Kodeureum: Yes plenty people stop to surf on that road. Surfing is really big here in South Africa and we've had our fair share of world champions

Maggs: Nice to see you around. If I had to read the news every morning I'd never seen "In-the-Pink" again. Hope all is going well with you.

Gen: Thanks for the compliment on the photo. Coming from you makes it that much better.

Raine:  Your continual support is always appreciated. I think you're right about not watching the news. I've switched to RSS feeds containing stuff I want to hear.

Tart: Me accent? You're the guys with accents!! :)

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  1. Oh how very cool of you to say so!!! I have been away spending time with friends and am now back reading your posts!!!


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