Monday, June 19, 2006

What the *bleep (*fuck) do we know?

Finally got to watch the movie this weekend. Good shit. Brought back all the memories of my existential quests and wa/onderings 2 years ago. Quantum theory. Relativism. Infinity. Reality. Fritjof Capra kind of stuff.

The movie was well made. It's not easy to package all this high-falutin' academia into an entertaining and mainstream format. I especially liked the soundtrack (of which one song is from my favorite Cafe del Mar collection). And most of the movie's animation was done right here in Cape Town!

Having spent many years immersed in all this "why are we here" theory myself, not much came as a surprise. It pushed the same old "the mapmaker is part of the map" angle on things. "Beauty in the eye of the beholder". But it was nice to get confirmation of my own little philosophies of life. So after watching the movie, my all time favorite mantra is still healthily intact:

"there are no answers,
only choices"

The best quote from the movie for me was from the goblin-looking professor with the wispy grey hair:

"asking a human to explain god is like asking a fish to explain water."

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  1. did I miss what movie you saw? By the way, Love your web & blog sites.


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