Monday, July 24, 2006

Because of Despite

I was thinking about the Disabled Olympics this weekend. South Africa always features highly in this global competing of disabled athletes. And it made me feel kind of ashamed for my attitude towards life. I mean these disabled athletes compete against all odds. They defy their handicaps. They go for gold DESPITE their shortcommings.

Meanwhile, back at BPD, I'm always whinging and feeling sorry for myself. Excusing every form of laziness, selfishness and irresponsilibity BECAUSE OF BipOlar Disorder. Imagine if these same disabled athletes just curled up at home bemoaning what terrible fate life had dealt them and blaming all of their shortcomings on their missing limbs??

So I'm gonna start making a concerted effort to focus on DESPITE my BiPolar instead of BECAUSE OF my BiPOlar.


I managed to knock the cigarette craving on the head on Friday by chewing one of those disgusting Nicorette chewing gums. Any misplaced memory of the regular nausea induced by cigarettes, was immediately dispelled, and the craving banished. But it's Monday now and I fear I can see that ol' cig craving slowly making his way over the horizon. Well, I got a big supply of Nicorettes...

Went to the Waterfornt yesterday and saw these dudes playing their instruments between the stark winter trees.


  1. Tie-dye is so, well, yesterday, but at least they've got a semi-cohesive look. They must have sounded rather rollicking. No sound post? Darn.

  2. I view things from a "because of" light. You have a good point about people doing things "despite of". Probably do us all good to do things desite of whatever obstacles we have. Wonder if that's the true difference between those that succeed in life vs those that fall by the wayside?
    Take care,

  3. Maybe this will get you psyced up too. Enjoy!


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