Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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  1. Anonymous19 July, 2006

    Excessive energy and lack of energy should both be treated as the same, unwanted, the flip sides of the same coin. The trick is to try and balance the coin. Do not wait until the pressure is too much so that you MUST put you’re A into G. Try and do something for a short period of time you would not normally do. Maybe try and fly your kite with your hands behind your back! You need to try and distract your mind from its comfort depression zone. Set yourself the challenge of 1 hour of work today. Sometimes I feel that BiPolar people need a Sergeant Major screaming in our ears to get us to “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” Self-discipline is easily achieved in a dictated environment!

  2. if you can't work, go download some more music. based on your recent list of favorites, i'd say go for SHPONGLE.

  3. hope your down doesnt last long


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