Monday, July 17, 2006

On a buzzz

Been on quite a high since last night. Not sure what triggered it. Maybe it's the music. I am so totally into my electronica at the moment. I'm even learning about the sub-genres courtesy of It's quite mindboggling really : ambient, trance, drums n bass, acid jazz, trip hop, progressive house etc. etc. etc.

And courtesy of another fine site - - I've been downloading albums madly for the past 24 hours. Some great discoveries: The Orb, Lemon Jelly, etc. (anyone following this blog from the early days will know that 6 months ago all I listened to was classical. Ah, the joys of having a shifting mind...)

Only problem with this high is that I got some hardcore insomnia last night. Only got about 4 and a half hours sleep. And I'm CRAVING a cigarette. (not to mention a joint). Last year I stopped cigarettes (here), then started again when I kidnapped my daughter (here) , then stopped again about 3 months ago (which I didn't chronicle).

Hope to shit I can stay off the damn nicotine.


  1. Anonymous17 July, 2006

    Remember everything in moderation when it comes to mood. Regulate the stimulus. Ride the wave for a brief time otherwise you will come crashing down.

    I don't drink, smoke or take coffee or tea. The main stimulus I have is food and over eating. Carbohydrate overloads.

    Be strong.

  2. I only read your latest - new to this site. Are you taking medication? That may sound ridiculous, but I'm a bipolar sufferer, and my medication numbs me to I was wondering how the hell you manage to sound so joyous... I've just started on this - my site is: catchmeadove - filled with some very random babblings. Check it out if you want - I don't know how this site works really...

  3. hmmmm you know I truly believe that we really dont need ANYTHING to trigger a mood change. At least I dont. I mean they can be triggered, yes, but they happen all on their own for no apparent reason most of the time........ I have found it useless to try and make sense of them.Best thing for me is to enjoy the good times when I am lucky enough to have them and get thru the bad ones as best I can

  4. On a low for me. Newly diagnosed 7 days ago. Always thought I was just full of shit. I seem to have the nicotine, carbohydrate and several other problems ontop of the BP "thing". Still learning, I enjoy your blog.

  5. I disagree with you raine, I can always find a reason when I feel an upturn in my mood. it can be just a thought that I had that cheered me up, or the way a person reacted to something I said or did.

  6. Moods come and go even on meds. Crap two mornings ago I woke up cranky as a mad hilly goat. I pretty much punched the dresser just because I was up early hadn't eaten breakfast and was stressed about getting to work. I've been getting depressed.

    I am an ex smoker and all I can say is when you feel like a smoke take a few minutes to breathe deeply. Guess what. That craving will go away!

    I haven't smoked for like 3 years or something like that. I still have to do that every now and then.

    You are better off feeling your feelings then stuffing them with addiction.

  7. It seems to me that every one has a vice be it smoking, drinking, shopping, or food. For me it's chocolate.


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