Saturday, July 15, 2006

Never say Never

BPG says:

The possiblity of impossibility

WBF says:

The impossibility of possibility

OK so I had a paranoid moment yesterday. But trust me: trenches are real cool when bullets are flying around. Been there, fuck that.


  1. Anonymous15 July, 2006

    All this week I have listened to the radio about record oil prices. The G8 summit talks seem to have a primary focus on the Gas production crisis with Russia controlling the tap for the whole of Europe. The sooner that we all go backs to our camp fires and caves the better! The price of progress?

  2. Warm countries such as the gulf states don't need much heat in any season, thus the ability to export huge amounts of energy. More temperate climes, such as my native Canada, freeze asses off annually. But there's generally a lot of trees, at least where the people are. That's probably why most Canadian homes are timber-framed. If anybody really needs to get somewhere else, I suggest further research into sailways. Wind has gotten things where they're going on the sea, why not on land? And just imagine the excuses for skipping work: "Sorry, I won't be in the office today. It's dead calm."

  3. I found your blog while doing web research on Lamactil which I have recently started taking with mixed to poor results (It's early 22.)
    That aside however I wanted to tell you that I am impressed with what you have to say and enjoy your frankness. I am only begining to talk to other Bi-Polars (For lack of a better term) and it gives me some hope to find some sense of community. I was also misdiagnose schizophernic and over/mis-medicated, I continue to combat the stigma associated with both my real condition and initial mis-diagnosis.
    I have not been able to thourghly read your entire collection of work but I look forward to doing so.

  4. LMAO- been there- fuck that- I think thats gonna be a classic!!!!

  5. Anonymous17 July, 2006

    Found your blog looking desperately for something to rationalize this. Newly diagnosed 34 year old mother of 5! I can not seem to make sense of myself. Nice to know I am not alone in this world!


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