Friday, July 14, 2006

We're Heading for Shit

And I'm not talking about BiPolar Guy. I'm talking about us - the world/humanity/planet earth. Thanks to WillBeFine, I've now got a little oil price ticker tape on my personalised google home page. This morning the oil price took quite a jump. Watch it hit 80$ in the next week. And the oil price, as I've said before, is like the measure of the world's aggregate political temperature.

We've gotten used to little localised wars going on all over the place (ask me, I live in Africa!). But there's definitely something bigger brewing at the moment. It's all kinda happening at once this time and it's already started a snowball effect. Shit in Isreal, Shit in Iraq. Trouble with North Korea. Old Cold War style disputes emerging from the closet with Russia. Afghanisatan. India. Iran. Nigeria.  A perfect time for China to wipe out Taiwan.  While the cats away, the mice will play...

What's always amazed me is how one define's war. 3 weeks after invading Iraq,
Bush pompously declared: "the War is over". And we keep reading in the press that Iraq is on the "brink of civil war". So how do you measure if it is or isn't at war? Does 4000 deaths mean "not at war" and then the 4 thousand and first push it over into a war-state category??

Let's cut the Bullshit. There is a violent war going on in Iraq, regardless of semantic rhetoric.

Which brings us to the classification of World War. What's the tipping point for that? Is it when 20 countries are all engaged in war? 30? 50?

Whatever it is - we're approaching it fckn fast!

Watch this space.


  1. Anonymous14 July, 2006

    I help you with the oil price figure and suddenly we are on the verge of global meltdown! Does it matter that the oil price is at its highest ever? Economic terms, yes, but for our day to day lives, probably not. Even if petrol became so expensive, can we not still walk or even cycle? Is fewer cars on the roads not a good thing?

    No nuclear power has been invaded by a mass army in history. It just isn’t going to happen. The days of digging trenches are over. Worrying about the state of current day conflicts will achieve nothing. Sitting in front of the TV showing images of troubles throughout the world will achieve nothing. Conflict has been and always will be on our planet, from the neighbours in the street to the interests of West v East.

    Unless the intention is to grab a gun and head off to a glorious sunset, sit tight, make money and invest in oil futures!

  2. Witness

    Poor people shoot because they can’t get in,
    Grande rio polluted and a dead man’s wall…
    Storms do brew in the stream of the gulf
    Waiting to come and swallow us all.

    Above Baja the country waits in fear
    For the shaking, or the mushroom smoke
    And the immigrant pray for his family’s lot
    The privilege to live soon revoked.

    From across the ocean the bird takes wing
    The beginning of the terrible days
    Jerusalem old, and LA, Corpus Christi new,
    Shall instruct us hearing to change our ways.

    Then prophecy resurrects as fire breathed
    From the mouth of those two once forsaken
    The world will awake with a new conscience
    When they rise above all and are taken.

    Then she arises and the world must beware
    In just three years will her voice reveal?
    What must be done to repair the wounds?
    And brotherhood is no longer concealed.


    Diagnostically textbook, the maniac sits…
    Wondering where in the world
    He fits ~?~
    Yes, he’s swatted a fly or two.
    That makes him as guilty as me and you.
    It has been his own words that have sentenced him.
    Would it matter now if he repented them?

    A strip of embossing tape has been enshrined upon his forehead
    Will he never escape? Can he have no more sorrow, nor dread?

    So having visited the poles
    He is back now to report
    This world is real on both ends
    He just needs some support
    He’s a man of value he doesn’t lose his cool
    He’s kinda like a kid fresh out of school…

    When the voltage surged through his temporal lobes
    He convulsed, wearing only that flimsy robe
    He slept; he forgot a period of days
    Even the pain – memory melted away.

    Now he sees the world
    In a different light
    His eyes are opened
    He feels no fright
    Hopes to make a difference
    Not to incite
    How can he know he feels right?
    Does he unintentionally ignite?
    Should he be more contrite?

    Will he always just be ill?

  4. Well, those lyrics rom two witnesses are pretty intense. Why not give a listen to Good Times, Bad Times: not the Zeppelin tune, but the older blues number from the Stones. It might help you keep things in perspective as willbefine suggests.

    If anything more does hit the fan I'm toast, by the way, like a headless one-legged sleeping duck here in Daegu, South Korea. The three local US army camps make us a big-time target for North Korean missiles.

  5. Anonymous20 July, 2006


    What's it good for?

    Absolutely Nothin!

    From the 60's song that I totally believe in. The world does feel like the shit is hitting the fan. Oil prices, Isreal-Lebannon, Iraq, North Korea, Iran. The never ending presidency blunders of George Bush doesn't help matters any.

    BiPolar Guy, do you ever watch
    "The Daily Show"? It takes a hysterical look at the (mostly political) daily news, satirically with John Daily as host. Its a great week nightly laugh, here on the Comedy Channel.


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