Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for your encouraging comment.

Mrs M and I, believe it or not, are very happily married. I wasn't officially diagnosed before we got married but had been open with Mrs M about my previous hospitalisations and struggles with depression. As hard as it may be to believe, Mrs M and I took our "better or for worse vows" literally. So when the diagnosis arrived, Mrs M didn't abscond me to find a wealthier bread winner that could splash her body with bling.

Yeah, I am lucky. Fckn lucky. But maybe (as hard as it might be for you to fathom) Mrs M is lucky too. She believes in me. She knows I might have a few bad years, but she knows too that in the good years I'm capable of great things. Like building up the business that I sold 5 years ago which allowed us to travel the world and buy this stunning house we live in. (which, if we sold, would squelch all the debt in one shot and leave a fairly handsome pile thereafter). Like having another suitor sniff at my current business recently with a million buck aqcuisition in mind.

But please, in your own relationships steer well clear of BiPolars. They require extremely empathic and wide minds to be loved and understood. And allowed to lie on the couch with their dogs from time to time...

CURRENT MOOD: Pissed off



Dear Anonymous

Thank you for your second comment. Sorry I got pissed off - I guess it is because I feel so damn guilty myself about not working like everyone else. Mrs M is a very, very special person and I appreciate every day how difficult it is for her.

And I think it absolutely sucks that people don't have a choice but to work 9-to-5. The world is screwed up. As the great philosopher Rousseau said: "Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains". If I was in charge, I'd try make it different.

Don't feel too bad though. Your pissing me off got me so hyped up that I went for a long run on the beach and am heading down to my office right now to catch up on some work. Maybe I need to get pissed off more often???


  1. Dear Bipolar
    I apologise if I pissed you off. I was being honest. I would genuinly like to know what it is like for the partner of a bipolar person. I admit I was speaking from personal experience of living with an unemployed partner (long gone)and it was tough. It would infuriate me when I got home after a hard day and he was lying on the counch. I am not trying to compare the situation because he wasn't bipolar. I think what I was doing was putting myself in mrs M's shoes and trying to figure out how she copes. I cannot say I enderstand what you are going through - I don't have a clue. I am not a money grubber just a single parent putting two kids through school and college and it is tough. You are lucky you have choices of whether to take a 9-5 because the majority dont.

  2. BPG - Anonymous isn't being 100% honest. If they were, they'd stop hiding and stop being anonymous. So take it with a big fat grain of salt. Your life is your own to live and you don't need to justify it to anyone here.

    Now that's getting me pissed off.

  3. There is no need for you to apologize to anybody. You have a disorder,you are not lazy and until this person can distinguish the difference between a disorder and a lazy ex-partner, they need to keep their comments to their selves. Yes, I am pissed off also.

  4. whatever people might say i think you're made of something far better than most people out there.

    keep strong man.i admire you.

  5. Nope, anyone who can build a business and sell it for enough to buy a house is not lazy, at least not as lazy as me. :) And I'm glad you and the wife are so sympatico. Me, I never should have gotten married, at least not to the woman I chose, but it meant my daughter has all the documents she needs so it was a good thing. I find that getting pissed off really helps with my housework, being a single dad and all, so use that energy when it arrives. Of course, I'll do my best to avoid prompting it with any asinine comments. And by the way, Trucker Tom is way cool. Maybe I'll get me a big rig and learn a few truckin' songs. 10-40 good buddy!

  6. i would trust bp_hockey_chick because she strokes your ego and also her name in blue and underlined and also has a blog tied to it which makes everything she says 100% honest...

    as opposed to anonymous there in the black corner, who's prolly just another automated bot playing troll on you, blah, blah, you're stronger than that, whatever...

    i remember a post of yours questioning the strength of your relationship with mrs M. you'd like to believe love conquers all, i know, but don't delude yourself. mrs M is liable to dump you anytime.

    be prepared to live alone. i wasn't and because of that i live in hell now.

    man, 2 years ago i was talkin shit up and down (just like you) about how strong the love bond between me and my wife has been and ever will be and how bipolar will never come between us and whaddaya know, 17.5 years together worth fucking nothing really: she dumped my ass with 1 week notice.

    i'm left married to that goddam 9 to 5 that'll eventually grind my ass into oblivion with stress and anxiety. i live in fucking hell.

    but hey, roses are blue & manatees swim unencumbered, watch for the snakes and we'll all get there soon enough.

  7. funny- when I get pissed off i get hypomanic- might be something to that


    Dear Bipolar
    The only reason why I went under 'Anonymous' was because this is the first time I have replied on a blog. Blogs are very knew to me and when I read the options - 'Blogger' does that mean I have a blog? What is other?
    I am a very curious person and need the whole picture - I don't think it is good enough to just talk about yourself and how bipolar affects you. Tell us how it affects those close to you. Do they recognise the mood swings, do they leave you well alone when you are in the pits, have you told your children and do they understand? Do you tell your employer? Why is it that so many people who take the prescribed medication try to come off it? If you take the medication why do you still have the rollercoaster ride?
    If the respondents read my email they would have realised that I wasn't comparing you with a lazy ex. I never called you any names. It was a reaction I had and I wanted to know more. Sometimes people see things that aren't there just because they expect it.
    Take care


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