Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The importance of puppy training

So we had this big black dog called Socrates, a border-colly cross. He needed a lot of excercise and I took him walking on the beach every other day. After 18 months we got another dog, a little girl Jack Russell: Scallywag.

Scallywag should've gone to puppy training but we were too lazy. So Scallywag became a very naughty girl and would snap at people on the beach. So the dog walks on the beach were cut down to about once a week. This affected Socrates who needed plenty excersise, so he began putting on weight. We had to cut his portions of food down which left him continually hungry. His hunger drove him to start foraging in the garbage when we were out.

One day BPG got back home and found the garbage all over the floor. He stooped down to clean it up, and slipped on the wet floor, cracked his head, and died of brain injuries on the way to the hospital.

Puppy training is important.


  1. What a sad story. I had a Springer Spaniel that used to forage through the kitchen trash in the same manner. Never gave it much thought. Maybe the same reason. He would become VERY aggressive if you tried to take the trash away before he was finished!!!!

  2. WOW - puppy training is important, but what I think is really great is that the ghost of bi-polar guy continues to blog. Thats just amazing. I guess mania continues into the afterlife eh???:D

  3. We had a Miniature Schnauzer once, son and grandson of grand champions, that looked like a shoe-in for high honours himself at his obedience training until one gangly and completely unmanageable Irish Setter stuck his cold nose where it didn't belong. Our little schnauzer chased that big startled red mop of a canine right around the gymnasium three or four times and while cheering we realised that for some dogs, nature needs to prevail.


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