Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The puppy in question

Actually Scallywag (featured on left), the star of yesterday's post, is no longer a puppy. She's about 3 now in dog years which would make her about 20ish in Human Been Counter Yrs. The other person in the picture, lying listening to Shpongle (the latest electronica discovery) is not a puppy either. But BPG has still got plenty Yap in him...


  1. Me too. Don't dogs make the best napping buddies.

  2. First, you are included in the Carnival of the Bipolars.

    Second, you're doing it next month!

  3. If you'e not feeling up to it, perhaps the puppy could chew through your firewire or ethernet connection at an opportune moment. It sometimes worked in grade school.

  4. Spongle is great :-)


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