Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where I am

This is Google earth's eye-in-the-sky snapshot of BPGs neighbourhood. On the left is the South Atalantic. On the right of the beach several roads and houses, one of which (house) is BPG's. I'm not telling which though - you never know whose trawling the blogosphere thesedays. Shit, after that vampirefreaks dude in Canada, they'll be keeping their eyes open for deviant personalities.

Can't wait till GoogleEarth's resolution is 100 times better. Couple that with the latest military technology that can see thru walls (and there4 rooves) and there'll be NOWHERE LEFT TO HIDE!!! To see what I mean go here. Just now we gonna have to go underground. Truly.

I popped by the Icarus Project yesterday, a place I used to spend a lot of time at. It was sad to see that most of the people talking at Icarus at the end of last year aren't there no more (well I didn't see them anyway) But I suppose that's the nature of BiPolar persons - we drift with the tides from one shore to the next.


  1. out of bed v.v.good.
    all those things that pull you back there to catatonialand diminish when you are in the real world talking to real people who get your brain stimulated. yeah so it is "external", so what, better than internal at times i say.
    nice beach! damn.

    takes a LOT to get going, best of luck,eh?

    also thanks for the rss feed idea but it was a no go. too hard for my brain to grasp. *laughs* i'm impaired that way...

  2. We both seem to be making the most of of the comfort of our beds the past few days. I am on holiday and have an excuse. I can't seem to leave the hotel room until after 1pm. This is not down to excessive partyıng, far from ıt. It is the discipline of going to bed with the dusk, waking with the dawn and facing the rigerous journey ahead that is missing. No incentive, no desire and taking the easy route.

  3. well then......if people are watching us from above.... I say we all go outside, pull down our pants and touch our toes!!!!

  4. Hey BiPolar Guy Fans, I'm doing my shameless self promotion. Here is the link to my artwork on the Icaurus Project:

    You have to log in first, press the quote button on the upper right if the images don't appear.

    Glad to hear you're up & about. May the universe smile upon you.


  5. bpg, it's time for you to step it up a notch and move away from sound blogging >> youtube is the answer man! do a daily(ish) video.

    here's one via liz spikol on depression and ect.


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