Friday, September 22, 2006

Politik Bluz

See all these white seagulls flying away? I saw them on the beach yesterday. They're definitely a sign. Of things to come...

...all the people that are gonna be emigrating from South Africa in the next while.

If you've been watching world headlines closely you would have seen the name Jacob Zuma (he even made it into the top 3 google news world headlines yesterday [I know, I was watching])

Jacob used to be vice president to President Mbeki. Then, last year he was suspended because of a charge of fraud and corruption bought against him by the state. Shortly thereafter another charge was bought against him by a young black woman - this time for rape. Well, he got off the rape case. Best damn lawyers in the country and a woman with a less than brilliant past. But he admitted to boofing her - this without a condom (Good stuff for the head of the AIDS committee!!). He also told the court he wasn't too worried about AIDS as he took a shower afterwards !?!????

Well Wednesday he entered court for the fraud and corruption trial. Best lawyers in the country again. And the judge threw the case out! Because the bungling prosecution breached some technical protocols.

OK, so what? I'll tell you what, the majority of this country is now fully behind him to become our next president ?!??!?? Not joking. And this man has an EGO, second to none. He tried to sue a local cartoonist for millions because said cartoonist lampooned him once or 2wice in the press.

Experience has shown us that African leaders with big egos spell BIG trouble. One only needs to look to Mr BoB Mugabe, prez of our northern neighbour Zimbabwe. Yeah, the Zimbabwe that has an inflation rate of 1 300 %, the highest in the world. Where bicylcle prices have gone through the roof (over and above 1 300% inflation) because there's no petrol for cars.

Worse: Zuma is aligning himself with the country's largest trade union and they are calling to nationalise all big business. Did anybody tell these dudes that communism became unviable last millenium?

Ahhh well, the old atlas has come off the shelf again and we're looking for new countries. I was keen on Canada at one point but think I'd miss the high doses of sunshine we're accustomed to. Mrs M suggested Mauritius last night, a little island in the Indian Ocean. Must say, the idea has got a lot of appeal. Been there once - white beaches, crystal seas, warm water, palm trees, and lotsa sun.

Yeah, detach ourselves completely from the fcked up mainlands of the world and just drift around in the warm currents of the Indian Ocean.

"No man is an island".
I'm not looking for a man,
I'm looking for an island.


  1. Am I detecting a few negative vibes?

  2. A friend of my son's was born in South Africa. His mom is British and she emigrated to S.A. as a teen, his father's of Greek heritage and came to S.A. as a small boy. Their three kids were born in S.A. but they emigrated here to Canada about 8-10 years back.

    They like the social environment, miss the weather.

  3. Wow, turmoil galore.

    Just make sure the island you pick has a high enough elevation so global warming doesn't flood it in a few years.

    There's always the USA, but our govt. is pretty f*cked up too. Bush has ruined the country for years to come.

    But overall, it's a free country.


  4. lots of sun and heat in lots of canada in the summer mate, now the winter's are a different story.
    the world is a just a big island itself anyway,no place is perfect...far from. i'm in canada now,didn't start here. actually caribbean lovely. have a few friends there on different islands, bahamian out islands appeal to my sensibilitites, if you want a beautiful place to live...although mighty remote at times. i'm off to southeast asia for about half of next year, this will be quite a shock i think.

  5. mtpolar's comment got me thinkıng about the 'land of the free'.

    More people are in prison in the USA than any other country ın the world.

    Phone calls have been monitored without any judicial warrants.

    Latest procedures for foreigners entering the USA.

    The death penalty.

    The freedom to carry firearms.

    I could go on but don't want the USA come knocking on my door imposing their democracy.

  6. sandy eggo, baby! america's finest city. anyway, i left youtube for and i'm proud to say, my directorial skill:z are improving.

    common man, joing the bloVg crowd.

  7. I wish I could just up and leave for an island. I'm not a risk taker though. And you have such a gorgeous place now too!!

  8. Brazil is the answer!!!!
    Great weather, great people but I'm n gonna get started on the politics hehe:)


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