Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another Friend leaving...

If you look carefully on the right you'll see a tiny light blue square in the middle of the Indian Ocean. On the immediate left is the very large "island" of Madagascar, and left of that Africa. The square in the ocean is where the island of Mauritius lies, one of the lands BPG is considering emigrating to.

Had Pete round for lunch yesterday, a friend of mine who has BiPolar type 2. He's definitley leaving. Applied for jobs in the Netherlands and England. Lucky bugger - he's got a British passport. It's not easy getting into new countries with a South African passport. Although my grandfather (on the paternal side) was born in Britain, he chose South African citizenship.

It's a shitty feeling when all your friends leave. And ALL my best friends have left. Frank is living in Seattle, Barry in Melbourne, Stephan in Andorra, Fabio in New York, Greg in England. And now Pete.

And I'm not the only one worried about the latest political developments in the South African landscape. International investors have spotted trouble too - with the SA Rand taking a 5% knock against the Dollar this week alone.

Ah well, we've been through it all before. In all likelihood Mrs M, Miss L, and BPG will still be in Cape Town in 10 years time. I'm not a really a political animal - those damn politicians can do what they like as long as I can live peacefully here in my little seaside cottage.

Below is the planet from underneath - South Pole slap in the middle. Only 3 other continents make it into this view. On the left South America's Cape Horn, on the right, Australia's southern coast and on the top (tiny) Africa's very own Cape Town.

Yes, I've been having fun with Google Earth.


  1. I just happened to notice that ALL of New Zealand made it into the South Pole view, the only country to do so in its entirety, apparently.

    My old Mac G3 iBook is too clunky for Googlearth, by the way.

  2. My cousin, who lives in Durban, is also leaving.

    I guess you need to figure out what's right for you.


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