Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm not leaving

No. Fucken. Way.

Took the following photos 3 hours ago at Cape Point, about 35 minutes South of where we live.

this last one is the shadow of the photographer, a certain Mr BPG.

"The fairest Cape in all The World"
- Sir Francis Drake


  1. It's a gorgeous place, I'd have qualms about leaving too.

    Moving is a huge life stressor which you could probly do without.

    Just keep posting the beauty & your dailyish, try to ignore the politics (if possible).

  2. If I were lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place you would need to heavy equipment to move me out...........

  3. Doesn't this shadow pic remind you of Kokopelli? that's what I thought when I saw it. What were you doing? probably not playing a flute...

  4. Those are lovely.
    Thanks for helping me escape for a bit through the photos.

  5. i wish you would, just one time, publish the fact that being Bipolar doesnt mean your a liar! Sometimes mad people tell the truth!


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