Sunday, September 24, 2006

Place yer bets

Our Jack Russell, Scallywag, play-fighting with our cat, Leroy. And the vet told us a Jack Russell and a cat would never get on...


  1. iMovie - whatevah comes installed free with any MacBook (OSX). i finally figured out (as in i first ever opened the help file) how to cut frames from my clips, so now i can shoot long video and cut the crappy shit out and make nice transitions between clips.

    one thing i still can't figure out is how to overimpose text on a clip.

    i'm sure you'd do a helluva better job at video editing judgin from the w0rd art you've created in the past.

    good to see you're getting started with now can we please let msM take over your blog again, pretty please :) :) :)

  2. A quick hint for zOtl: just click on 'Titles' under where you drag your clips to in iMovie. You can type two lines of text into the blank boxes at the bottom, and adjust the size, colour, font, speed and manner of appearance, duration and all that with the other controls. It's a lot of fun, but the resulting files are massive. My old G3 iBook only has 10G, not really enough to store a slew of edited movies. Your MacBook should be able to cope.

  3. This has nothing to do you with your post but I'm a bit wild and need some advice.

    My partner of 20 years found the condoms I'd hidden in my bag for sex with any and all comers (no pun intended). A furious row followed. I, wizard with words, made a case for sex outside marriage but was told this was not going to float. My silent reaction: I can't stop. I need this. We have no sex life and I need the validation plus I WANT it.

    Thing is, I don't think I can stop. I have to have sex. A year ago this would have horrified me, today I have to have what I have to have.

    I suffer from OCD and depression, sleep disorders like insomnia and restless legs, had major heart surgery for aneurysm several years ago and take all kinds of meds from Luvox for OCD to Mirapex for RLS, Coumadin, beta-blocker, etc.

    After the summer from hell of sleeplessness and depression following a move out of my native country to Canada, I am feeling suddenly "better", almost euphoric at times; able to stay up late and wake rested with this insatiable sexual appetite.

    The doctor doesn't think its bipolar because while I'm talking cheerfully my words are coherent and not falling all over each other. But after today I'm wondering. I don't think I cannot NOT have sex if the opportunity presents itself.

    Does this merely sound like the end of my marriage or should bipolar illness or something similar be looked into in your opinion (and that of your readers' who also suffer from the disease)?

    At the moment I just want to break-out in tears but will no doubt be a wild horn-dog later as my fingers fly across this keyboard into the wee hours.

    Please BPG (or any others), help me. I need some wisdom here. If you could just reply here I'd be grateful.


    Crazy in Canada

  4. sounds trite but try your doctor for starters. honest. he/she's heard way worse, don't you worry...
    anyway. i'm all for leroy kicking the dog's ass, just to veer wildly back onto topic.

  5. Dear Crazy in Canada

    I'm not a diagnostician but yours sounds to me like BiPolar. Radical promiscuity is a classic by-product of mania and hypomania. And personally I don't believe that your thoughts need to be "incoherent" to qualify as manic/hypomanic. I'd go see a psychiatrist (not a GP) for a second opininon. And maybe a psychologist to discuss the sex and relationship issues (although personally I think sex "addictions" are healthy within social boundaries)

  6. everyone seems to know z0tl... do you know the guys in SA who created blogmad? (a blog exchange)... anyway, I enjoyed a brief visit to your web world and so I'm letting you know... thanks for being out here, hope your week is full of smiles :)

  7. Love the video on the blog. I had a jack russell for 7 years. Craziest manic mother f$cker jumping bean on the planet. He used to jump up onto the kitchen counters and scavange. I really don't think he would be able to play with a cat like your Scallywag does. What a good dog you have. Mine had no discipline whatsoever. He was too stuborn just like his owner.

  8. The critters are adorable!!! To crazy in Canada... I am bi-polar 2 and I have never been incoherent. In fact when manic I can just about talk anybody into anything. AND my majoy symptom is hypersexuality...........maybe you should be seeing a psychiatrist instead of an MD?


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