Friday, October 13, 2006

Before I die...

Came across this website: It's basically about opening an account and listing 43 things you want to do before you die. I didn't really like the site, as some of the things people were aiming at seemed pathetic to me. But it's a brilliant concept.

So I got to thinking - what do I want to do before I die. OK so I'm a list freak and have zillions of TO DO lists, and WISH lists and LISTS of LISTs, but somehow, introducing the "death" word, makes the whole thing chillingly real.

Here's what I'd want to do:

  • Get really lean-and-mean again, and stay like that for at least 18 months.
  • Buy an out-the-box BMW tourer motorcycle
  • Take Miss L to London
  • Turn my business into a profit-making machine
  • Knock out all my debt
  • Go on 4 more overseas trips with Mrs M (destinations to be decided at the time)
That's enough for me, I don't need 43. But there is still one more, one that I have realised is by far the biggest, and the only one that I am actively working on EVERY day of my life:
  • Bringing happiness, health and security to Miss L's life
If there's one thing only - that's it. And I feel like a prick for saying I wanted to opt out of parenthood. Sure it can hurt, but deep down in the very core of your being there is nothing more rewarding.


  1. I am not a parent and perhaps one day I maybe never will become one but it is on my list of things to do before I die. I don't see on your list that everyday you are actively bringing happiness, health and security into your own life? Maybe I am wrong and speaking out of place but to me that is THE most important thing. If you can cannot acheive that how can you be there for your daughter when she needs you most?

  2. It's okay to want to opt out of parenting. Not a day goes by that I don't want to run away from my family -- husband and daughter -- and they're the ones who are bipolar. But they know I love them. They also know I'm feeling a little burned out and in big need of a vacation.

  3. BMW? no way, Harley Davidson!!! now thats a motorcycle

  4. Goals are a great thing to have and offer us a reason to stay with this life and work towards them. Unfortunately setting unrealistic goals can really suck the life out of you. At 51, happily committed to my best friend and companion for over 16 years, retired, and free of most complications -- my only goals are to travel, spend some time in Mexico with my ex-pat brother, live a month in the Netherlands, learn Dutch, ... write and stay somewhat sane......

  5. my only goal is to have no goals!

  6. Me? I just want to live a little more. :-)

  7. Hello! Came across your blog.. Great job on it btw.. was interested as I am Bi polar as well.
    I have just started my blog . Anyways just wanted to say thanks for letting me know i am not the only one feeling the way i do!


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