Wednesday, October 11, 2006


There I was, bitching about Zimbabwe, South Africa's northern neighbour, believing that it was BPG's cursed lot in life to be landed next door to the worst dictatorship in the world. Spare a thought for long-time-follower of BPD, Kodeureum who has the good fortune to live in South Korea, just a little down from "Dangerous Warhead" pictured above.

I guess it just goes to show: There's always someone worse off, always someone better off (northern neighbour wise anyway). Relativity, get it??


  1. Not to worry; I'll be picking up some tinned goods, bottled water and UHT milk for the fall-out shelter over the weekend. :-)

  2. Polarised perspectives from Bipolar people. Positive proposals reduces negative perspectives.

  3. Relativity is the best title. I have been watching my government becoming more facist and trying to take us all to hell with them. Our people must not be judged by the assholes in charge right now....
    I do have to admitt that I have considered moving to Canada on more than one occasion. I have researched it as well ... the Netherlands would be great, too -- more research.

  4. hey Kodeureum- good to see you are still typing. Hope things are ok for you over there. That happens to me too BPG, everytime I get a good case of feel sorry myself going I talk to someone who is soooo much worse off it makes me ashamed.


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