Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More fun with G-Earth

Yeah, I really am half-way around the world from you dudes in the US. In the pic on the right I could barely fit Cape Town and the US on the same hemispherical view. The US East Coast barely made it. Which I'm guessing means that the central USA is probably on the direct opposite side of the globe from where I am.

On the left - a planet with only water? The Pacific takes up half the damn globe. Imagine if there is a planet out there with no land - just sea. Quite a weird concept huh?

When South Africa's own IT billionaire, Mark Shuttleworth, became the world's second space tourist, he was asked on his return what the single most mind-blowing thing was that he had learnt from his space trip. His answer: "there is no sign out there in space saying the world is 'THIS SIDE UP' ". True. It's only us earthling dudes that have north-up, south-down imprinted in our collective cultural brain. But there's absolutely no reason for it to be this way. It could just as well be viewed as on the left, with us Southern Hemi dudes sitting like kings on top with you'll beneath us.

Man I'm enjoying this, sitting here like a God at my cmptr manipulating mother earth with my fingertips. Positively mania inducing.

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  1. do not die! rise again!
    where are u, bpg?
    my word verification is hovvvr
    how appropriate...


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