Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gorgeous day

Not a cloud in sight down here in Cape Town. 30 degrees celsius (= 90 degrees farenheit)

The really flat mountain in the pic is Cape Town's land mark Table Mountain. This webcam pic sits on my Google Personalised home page. I live behind the mountain so it's nice to see what weather is approaching from the North West.

I also have a webcam of New York on the page (I can see the sun is just starting to rise there). Other home page items include: news feeds, RSS feeds, dilbert, weather, TO DO list, quote of the day, exchange rate, crude oil price, calendar and a countdown calendar (81 days til Christmas dudes).

PS - Exchange rate is looking like shit at the mo. The South African Rand is down 25% against the dollar this year alone. The worst performing currency in the world (of 64 tracked by Bloomberg). Not so cool. It's like your entire net worth, in global terms, has just had one quarter chopped off of it. Pretty damn shite if you need to emigrate.


  1. Hi - just on a point of interest. Go to the wonderful, incredible website '' - there is a very interesting article on the use of Ketamine for chronically depressed people.

  2. ah, ketamine, the drug. it isn't a horse tranq or a date rape drug for nothing you know...
    there are terrible screaming terrors coming out of that drug for some adults, (not for kids, they seem okay ) and those who take it actually feel briefly heavygrey awful after without benzodiazepine protection.i would take that suggestion with a BIG dose of skepticism. plus any drug that makes you lose your memory i think ultimately kills off brain cells, a few at a time...
    eventually you notice the difference, and you can't call those brain cells back.
    i will say i DO have a bias against psychotropic poorly understood drugs...just to let you know where i am coming from.
    bottom line? let them try it out on a million people before you jump to the call of any vaguely understood drug/procedure, whether it is to be used for psych or other purposes, no matter...
    just my opinion.

  3. I had a few thousand dollar US when the Canadian dollar was at sixty-five cents and I could get a hundred-fifty CDN for a mere hundred, but now the Canadian dollar is at eighty-five cents and pretty near par so my Ben Franklins are just gathering dust. The Korean won is sitting pretty, though, and is stronger against the yen and the dollar than it ever was. I'm just wishing I'd bought more than eighty-five EURO (As souvenirs! You know: a five, a ten, a twenty and a fifty) when they were introduced a few years back. Oh well, nothing's ever going to toilet again as much as the Deutschmark did in the twenties: I've got a five-hundred MILLION mark note from nineteen twenty-three and it's only printed on one side to save ink! I picked it up for one Polish zloty in 1999. The German guy selling them outside the war museum in Kolobrzeg had a stack of at least seventy or eighty. I should have sprung for a numerical sequence of ten, really. Oh well, if he's still there he probably still has a suitcase or two full of them. I wonder what his grandfather was saving up for.


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