Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rennovations in progress

So I've switched to the new fancy shmancy Beta Blogger. It's gonna take a bit of fiddling and tweaking to get everything the way I want it, but I'm impressed with the enhancements so far. Especially labels.

Google - I have a love/hate relationship with dem dudes. They are slowly invading my workspace - Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Personalized home page, Google Reader, Adwords (I spend 10 k a months on adwords in my ecommerce venture), Adsense, Google Earth, Google News, Blogger etc. etc.

Oh...and I forgot... Google Search.

I love 'em because their products are so damn good and getting better all the time. I hate 'em because its not good for one company to get so damn powerful no matter how cute their "Don't do evil" slogans are.

Go Ogle people. Go Ogle.


  1. I feel safe here in my G3 iBook world: it's not half fast or new-fangled enough for all the re-tooled Googling. Huzzah! And I make a point of never downloading the updates anymore, not since Skype replaced their old euphonious rotary-dial ringtone with some digital noise. That's one note of nostalgia I could have heard every day.

  2. This has nothing to do with google. Just an update on my North American winter depression defense. Yesterday I bought a Bright Light Therapy box(SAD Light) to keep me in the pink zone. No difference so far, but should take a few days to work.
    Now I will be able to delve deeper into your well written book. I've read it at night with my sleep med taking over quickly. So now I'll be able to read it while getting a daily dose of "happy light."

  3. I like Google for one reason: Google search. It is better than the others and cuts it right to what I'm looking for usually. I didn't even know that other stuff existed. I guess if I had contact with all that every day I'd be a bit OD'd!

    Hey good to check in with you again. Oh, and what ARE those labels the new beta has? Later!
    :) Tart

  4. If I could be so bold to ask mtpolar, where did you find your 'happy light' and how much did that set you back($$$'s)?

    I have even considered going to a tanning salon, but I am concerned about the long term effects. I am also a sufferer of SAD.

    Thank you for your time!

  5. now that google has purchased youtube, world domination is at hand.

    next google acquisition: microsoft.

    now, please come on over and participate in my COLLABORATIVE IMPERMANENCE exercise.

    thank you kindly.


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