Saturday, November 25, 2006

At last...... HONESTY!!!

We've crossed a very important line. In this article that was piped to my desktop this morning via Google News top 5 headlines, they finally, finally, finally.......

....referred to IRAQ's CIVIL WAR. (see first sentence).

Not "iraq is on the brink of civil war", "iraq could be heading to civil war" and other pussy-footing BullPoo. THE CIVIL WAR IN IRAQ. Period.

How did this shift happen? Was it like:

10 321 dead = "heading for civil war"
10 322 dead = "civil war" ???

Anyway, Hooray for the journalist who finally called a spade a fckn mother-sticking spade.

Now all they need to do is change "The 30 year Middle East Peace Process" to "The 30 year Middle East War Process" and we can start wiping the poo from our eyes.

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  1. It's all contingent on who tickles the voters' fancy in Ohio. Sad, really. One day the USA will be just the tattered remnants of a faded old empire, but regrettably not in my lifetime.


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