Saturday, November 25, 2006

The urge to splurge

Thanks for the comments guys. I've been visiting your blogs too, but for some dang reason every time I try post a comment I get: "Page Error - Our engineers are working on the problem". This has been going on for a week already. Already.

It is not just my TO DO list that has taken a hammering the past week - it's my WISH LIST too. It's that time of year when the Christmas catalogues are piling up in the mail box every day (yes, we still have good ol' wooden mailboxes screwed to the outside fence down here, where mail arrives on paper, wrapped in little parcels of more paper with colorful stickers on the top right corner).

This year the manufacturers have really got it right. Spot fckn On!. They must have read my mind, scanned my dreams, peered into my very future. Toys! Toys! Toys! Gadgets, Hi-Tech stuff, precision stuff, cool stuff, speed-churning stuff, slick stuff, wicked stuff.....


I went to do the gorcey shop at our local mall yesterday, and man, must I have looked a sorry site. My tongue was hanging on the floor, drool running down my jaws. I was a man possessed. Everything had my name on it. Everything was The One Essential piece missing from my life right now. Holy Grails statued in every window.

I was just lucky I came away with only a 300 buck dent in my wallet. But there's another couple thousand bucks that's already been penned in over the next few weeks.

huh...did, somebody mention overdraft? Overdraft? What overdraft?
I'm wearing these new specs that block out the bad stuff


  1. In my manic/hypomanic phase shopping has become a necessity and money has no value. I have blown $3000 USD in the past on technology and then finding out later I didn't actually need it! The 'normal' me, HATES shopping with a passion!!

  2. I've been planning to buy the new thousand-dollar plus MacBook for about three months. The money's been sitting in my bank account since late last year. The new Shuffle is also now in stock and the bank's just there on the corner, my bank card's in my pocket, but do I buy it? No. I walk over to the CD store, notice that it's gotten smaller again (they've put in a Baskin Robbins!) and immediately head over to the NAXOS section to see if it's still there. Not only does my favourite Canadian classical label still have it's own shelf, they've got the latest sampler CD of the new releases. I purchase two CDs on the spot and take all three home to listen to the next morning. And that's after telling everyone that I bought my last CD in January and wasn't going to open it. I think it's the tracks listed on the back with their times and the great paintings on the front that really grab me. The music is just incidental. I used to be the same way in second-hand bookshops, and I'm tying to wean myself off used clothing stores. I must be Scottish because if it's two-for-one, greatly reduced or there's a free gift, consider it sold. It also works in reverse. I astonished my aunt and my mother with my take at their garage sales a few years ago. The secret isn't how much you get per item, ladies, it's how many items you move!

    Perhaps I should have taken my dad's advice and gone for that MBA.


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