Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yes, OK, so I'm a member of MENSA (the trumpet on the right should say it all).

Truth be told, I've never, ever (not once) been to any MENSA gathering in 15 years. Back then, my girlfriend at the time dared me to do it. I only renew my membership every year in the deluded belief that I can tout my membership as some kind of confirmation that I am hot property.

And what about emotional intelligence (EQ) anyway? The social scientists are all clamouring that EQ is a better measure than IQ for predictive success. What is a BiPolar sufferer's EQ likely to be??? Moronic be default. Surely.

The reason I wrote this post in the first place was that I visited one of my favourite websites yesterday,, and got this entry for MENSA.

As I said a few posts back - I'm having problems posting comments on other blogs. Keep getting an error message saying "Our engineers are working on it." This has been going on for 2 weeks.
I think I might have worked out what the problem is: I seem to be able to post to blogs set up on the new beta:blogger, whereas I can't on the older blogs (probably because I am now on the beta platform myself). Anybody else had this issue?


  1. yeah I havent been able to post on your blog . Im trying it again for like the 3rd day in a row hoping that this time it will go thru

  2. Obviously I will never become a member of mensa as I spent 30 mins looking up words in the first paragraph on Uncyclopedia.

    If a site is googlewhacked, (, 2 words in a Google search produces one result. What if there is only 1 word, "crypaesthetic" ? (It is a shame it is not in the Google dictionary!) I wonder if this post will make it a double hit? I wonder if "crypaesthetic" is promulagated it will enter the Google dictionary? Maybe an erudite member of Mensa will only be able to answer these questions?

  3. Update...if I had finished reading the wikipedia, "Googlewhack" entry, I would have discovered that a single word search return is a "Googlewhackblatt" and "Antegooglewhackblatts" if no hit at all!

  4. try posting as Other or Anonymous, that will work every time. otherwise there's some login problem going on between new beta blogger and old. not that you'd ever want to comment to anything i blurt out... but eric d does miss you so!

  5. Perhaps it's a form of beta blogger blocker. As for MENSA, I usually just look for the silhouette that's not wearing a skirt. The urinals are always a dead giveaway as well.

  6. i am scared to change althought they keep trying to force it upon me the NEW improved zoomier blog, haha
    not good with change, esp when it is techno. i mean it's a frickin MIRACLE i made it this far,honestly...
    it's all about supply and demand, right?
    hope you can post soon. miss your fun floaty presents in the ether

  7. Loved the mensa hit.

    And have learned something new today. I knew about googlewhacks but not the lesser ones.

    And so far "crypaesthetic" is still a Googlewhackblatt.

    But probably not for long.

    I did the same on my blog with "solcredulist" and it now scores 46 on google.

    Perhaps now though we'll get a googlewhack from "solcredulist crypaesthetic"?

  8. I've tried to post comments on your blog previously and they go off to thin air. Here's trying again. The comments were related to surviving the rapid cycling manic episode...

    ...try some music to bring yourself down a knotch or two. ...Debussy, Mahler, Rubinstein, Italian opera, and American blues all work for me -- but then I grew up in a house full of musicians, a bass fiddle in the middle of the dining room floor and music is in my soul.

    ...if you can't sleep try a slow walk and focus on the beauty of the night...What you see and hear and feel is an entirely different world from the day. There's a majic in focusing on yourself and the night. After the walk sleep usually comes easily. reminded, "Sleep is holy" and "Don't get your days and nights upside down".

    ...maybe the antipsychotics you went off of...maybe you needed just a pinch of the "ingredients"?

    Handling Bipolar Disorder is all a guessing game. Getting the right combo of meds...when you get them right, along comes a mood swing and the combo is wrong. There are a Bjillion different coping mechanisms. Most of the world doesn't communicate about personal problem solving: but, we seek out others like ourselves and share our experiences.

    Bipolar people, despite the above, are amazing individuals. usually endowed with high intelligence, creativity, artistic temperament, and extreme sensitivity.


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