Wednesday, November 08, 2006

phew, I'm tired

Gone on a real workathon the last 48 hours. Been workin' me butt off.

It all started on Monday night when I was thinking about the end of the year coming up, and what the resolutions for next year are likely to be. It didn't take too long to work out that the most important thing for me to focus on right now is work.

So I got to thinking - I've been aiming at all these daily goals, like:

  • meditate
  • jog
  • get out in the sun
  • go to beach
  • tidy
  • work hard...

And the "work hard" bit is getting kinda lost in there. So for the past 48 hours I decided to toss all the other goals out da window and JUST WORK HARD.

And it's working. Wonder of the One Track Mind.

And, I'm please to say, that my web biz has bought in more money today that ever before in its 3 year life. YeeeHaaaa!!!

...just feeling a little tired right now.


  1. Congratulations on turning an important corner! Remember work life balance and control the energy flow of your new found work ethic. Slowly, Slowly.

  2. So like wow, I finally found out that you're in the business of buying money. Woot. Hoot.

  3. BiPolar Guy: Congrats on the big $$ on the web biz. Woo hoo!!


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