Saturday, December 16, 2006

BiPolar Daily without Borders

Did you notice? Do you like it?
I hate borders. They're ALWAYS discriminatory. Locking people in. Locking People out. Keep it open people. Even the sauce.

A few days ago WillBeFine said that the bivalent logic Y shaped thingies reminded him of a family tree. Don't worry WBF - I've got that one covered too.

By the way, the reason you aint seen no BPG-taken photos for a while is because my camera has broken down. "System Error" it says, which my manual in turn says means "hardware mailfunction". Awesome!

And the reason you haven't heard my South Efrican accent for a while is that Audioblogger shut down. Pity. They're directing former users to another free audio-blogging site, but I haven't got round to it yet.

So for a while you're just stuck with...



  1. Your family tree is a blank page?

  2. Sorry to hear about the camera, that really sucks over the Holidays. Would be nice to hear that funky accent of yours again tho.
    I can relate to that idea manic bender you're on. I've painted myself into a mad frenzy. I'm getting ready for a big art exhibit at the Minneapolis, Minnesota City Hall & Mayors Office/conference room for Jan - Feb 2007! I only learned I was selected at the beginning of Dec. so I'm really crankin things out.
    I'm trying to remember to
    breath & calm down once in awhile.
    It aint easy.

  3. I've noticed that the sauce tends to dry out and get a bit crusty if it's left open for too long.

    System Error? It seems I made a good investment when I picked up my Polaroid PDC 2030 digital camera a year and a half ago. It has no moving parts!

  4. i tried to congratulate you at having 2000 profile viewers yesterday but the computer was being obstreperous at the time, now i see you are well past,nine past,in fact. very cool...

  5. and thank you for your nice greeting. hope you are pain free by now...


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