Friday, December 15, 2006

What can I post about today?

I really didn't know. So I did what any sane earthling would do, and consulted the Mighty Oracle. Typed in:
"What can I post about today" and waited......

well, actually, I didn't wait for that long, the Big G is known to do search a little faster than the Big M. (no, Not Big Mac, that would be the Apple crowd, not the macrohard crowd)

Only 2 results came up. Which makes this what, WillbeFine? A googlewhack?whock? whakity?wonker?

Both results were blog writers posing the same question to themselves. Boring. So I tried Google images. Nothing under "What can I post about today" So I modified the search to just "post about today". 12 images came up. Of which this was one:

Hmmm. A bit more interesting.

Let's see if there's anything at Flickr. Nope not for "What can I post about today". But take the parantheses away and you get 433 photos. One of which:

Hmmm. This one looks like how I felt just over a week ago.

But, to quote my old friend Bono:

"I steeeel haven't found what I'm lookeeeng for"

So I went to the big Y (Yahoo, not YeeeHaaaa) to pose my puzzling question. More loadsa crap. But a lot more than the big Gs, I must add.

And then, finally, I found my answer. Yahoo answers.

  • Just ask your question.

    How will you know if you don't ask?
Only problem - I don't have a Yahoo account. So please, one of my dear readers, who is blessed with a Yahoo account, please ask the Big Y "What can I post about today", and get back to me with the answer.


  1. The question has been asked to the Big Y (Yahoo Questions)

    "What can I post about today?"
    {I am blogger suffering from bloggers (writers) block. }

    Within 5 minutes there was 2 answers.

    Have a rest and answer for a bit.
    Oh, do you mean your blog ? Hmmmm. Write about Christmas. Bah Humbug.

    have a good old winge about what pigs you off hunni

  2. To see all the answers go here.;_ylt=Amsclpq8dQQMZbep_uoz2WgjzKIX?qid=20061215024323AA8zlN4

  3. Poop. You can't go wrong with poop.

    I also find that random surfing never fails to inspire me. Except, of course, when I don't feel like being inspired. :eyeroll:

  4. wow, your old friend bono, you are well connected :)

    thanks for the visit. my paranoia-ometer was working overtime...

    i liked your graph below, ain't it the truth when you feel indecisive. on that note i have to go and be responsible and i actually CAN do it now , somehow.

    your visuals are cool. how many poets "get" you, that is how i first found you you know, from a poetry link. can't recall which one


  5. hey it's my birthday already in your country! i'm still youthful here...ha ha ha...

    eric the aged


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