Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Instant Art

Did these last night by fooling around with Windows media player. Using different visualisations on different songs and pausing them at specific spots, then printing the screens.

I reckon they're fairly unique, because to replicate them you'd need the exact song, the exact moment in the song and the exact visualisation type. Unless, that is, you just went save image as...


  1. hey man, it's totally clear these were created using the tune 'and the day turned to fright' by shpongle.

    i've been a windows media visualization art critic for decades, you can't fool me!

    why do people have the need to know they are not alone in suffering? by knowing that you too get posturepedic migraines, is that supposed to make mine easier to bear? so much conditioning, so little time.

    oh i dunno, i feel for you brother, because i have never had a headache in my entire life! am i supposed to count my blessings now?

    i've been reading some schopenhauer on suicide. much more interesting than the crap that is floated by google and the mass bipolar media.

  2. these are beautiful thefts...
    i like tham

  3. and what, pray tell, were the songs...

  4. hey! i went looking for sanity on the wordart and was disturbed/amused to find that "this page does not exist"!

  5. The first line in wikipedia summarises z0tl's empathy towards Schopenhauer, "Arthur Schopenhauer a German philosopher, often considered a pessimist"

  6. empathy? i hope to gawd that was a tongue in cheek remark, for i am not capable of empathy. samaritrophia is my game! now let the google/wiki races begin.

    i love optimists who make a career out of pointing out the pessimism around them. as the cliche goes, it takes one to know one.

  7. As far as I understand samaritrophia is a protologism. Do you wish to help others?
    As in the Good Samaritan?

    Is it safe to understand that you were making a tongue in cheek remark, that in fact you actually do not love optimists or optimists who identify pessimists? Are you in truth a pessimist? Is it possible that since you consider that I am a pessimist that I can empathise with you?

  8. Ahhhh, Welt als Will und Vorstellung: quite a big mind-body disconnect going on there. How about some Heidegger for a little light reading? Perhaps whilst incommoded?

    Protologism? As in almost ready to become a word? Samaritrophia might signify the withering of the inclination to help others, but that's just a guess...

  9. what? no! on all counts pertaining to your 1st paragraph.

    samaritrophia is a w0rd coined by kurt vonnegut (in god bless you mr. rosewater i think)... to mean "hysterical indiference toward other people's suffering/problems." kodeureum gets candy prize for intuiting the meaning perfectly.

    yes to tongue in cheek and foot in mouth, alway:z!

    rhetorical question: is a positive person who points out a negative one engaged in constructive criticism?

    homework: create analogy applicable to optimist.

  10. An optimist and a pessimist are walking down the road side by side. A “Y” appears in their path. The optimist says, “We should go left, it is a lovely walk, flowers and trees. The pessimist responds, “No, it takes too long, the flowers may give me hay fever and there is a chance of getting robbed in the forest. We should go right it is through a well lit industrial area. Is not one person seeking joy and the other minimal suffering?

    I know it is not an analogy but lets call it a WillBeFine fable.

    A visit to my informative but if untruthful (who knows the truth) wikipedia.org results in the quote of the week for the subject of "Optimism"

    Personal optimism correlates strongly with self-esteem, with psychological well-being and with personal health. Martin Seligman, in researching this area, criticises academics for focusing too much on causes for pessimism and not enough on optimism. He points out that in the last three decades of the 20th century journals published 46,000 psychological papers on depression and only 400 on joy.


  11. c.s.lewis
    Surprised by Joy

    i read it. i didn't get his joy. sounded like those moments i get, but i always attribute then to some of the appy appy that z likes to hunt for driving fast...

    besides,i think the pessimist looks in the mirror and there he sees the optimist. now THAT, my friends, is surprised by joy.

  12. and seligman's work was on hopelessness, was it not? there is the kettle calling for a cup of tea...hey, great idea! *be right back* :)

  13. Neat idea. They are trippy to look at.


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