Thursday, December 21, 2006


The midsummer solistice is bringing its good fortunes about 24 hours early this year down in the southern half of great Mother. 2 great events today:

  1. The insurance co is replacing my digital camera. And the new one will have double the megapix, double the optical zoom + video with sound. ++ anti-vibration (i got shaky hands remember)
  2. I passed my Google Adveritising Professional exam this morning. 86%. I really didn't know what to expect as the average Google & co. IQ is reportedly somewhere around 180. And the required pass mark was 75%. So I guess that explains my silence for the past couple days. Buried knee deep in Google lectures...
A midsummer night's dream.


  1. z0tl and BPG walk hand in hand when a Y comes out of the bloo. traffic is directed by Google.

    BPG says: as a Google Advertising Professional, i advise we make a right turn into the well lit industrial place and make a bundle!

    z0tl says: okay, you go ahead and lay all the Google Bombs while i make a quick left, cut all the flowers and trees from those Mauritius Woods and bring them to market.

    WillBeFine says: according to wikipedia, you guys are both idiots. why don't you make a U-turn and realize you both need to get back on your antipsychotix and cut all this crap out before you become paupers living on a bowl of rice a day.

  2. Well done zOtl you made me laugh! I wonder if BPG and You could form an alliance. 'The Company that sees the trees from the woods.'

    Well done BPG. I want a slice of your studying action. I have 5 Professional Microsoft exams to face and sometimes the mountain just seems too high.

    Yes, Christmas has come early for you with the new camera. Maybe in 2 years time you can get the same fault ;) !

  3. Up here across the equator yesterday was the shortest day of the year, and my land-line home phone went out of service early in the morning.

    Did I fret? Not at all. I enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch with my daughter's ballet teacher and we became fast friends. Did I mention she's a pretty ballet dancer?

    My daughter will be with her mother over Christmas and I've stocked my fridge with Guinness, Victoria Bitter and Leffe Brun. There's also some whisky about. I just figured out how to connect my laptop to my TV to avoid eyestrain. The new James Bond is out this weekend and I've got discount coupons for the cinema and a date!

    Could a single dad's life ever get any better? You betcha! I'm meeting a former co-worker in Seoul for lunch and she's introducing me to two of her friends. Apparently they are both nice young ladies. And they'll be buying lunch!

    Sorry guys, I hope I'm not gloating. It's just been a long dry spell for the past year or so. :-)

  4. lissn 2 reason willbefine, go get your cisco certifications (still 5 exams) and you'll be much happier in the long run.

    leave it to z0tl and BPG to dominate the toothpick making industry, i myself have been in the ms networking industry for 15 years now and it is strictly because of IT that i went completely insane.

  5. z0tl, don't do networking. Microsoft BI and SQL Server. Not worked now for more than 3 years. Prior to this sabatical, 5 years BI experience. Something that I am good at and something I enjoy. If I can't go back to this line of work, I will become a highly qualified Postman.

  6. what does your sexual orientation have to do with SQL server?

  7. Hey, I'm learning SQL!!

  8. the only SQL i know nearly ran into the front wheel of my BiCYCL

  9. select * from Bipolar_Nuts where Psychosis = TRUE //ALWAYS


    oh, i feel so lonely, if it weren't for mah man eric dee's SQuirreLs i would throw my hands in the air like i just don't give a shit! care? what, no one has laughed at my BI-sexual geeky j0ke? all humor has leaked out of me.

    yours truly,

    ps: happy kwanzaa BPG, i expect youtube vlogging from your fancy new camera!

  10. Sorry zOtl the BI joke I made up myself 10 years ago! I couldn't get a laugh out of it then either!

    Hey you might pull some new routines out of the Christmas cracker joke selection!

    BI for now.

  11. i love ambiguity :)
    bi bi
    more seasonally
    bah bah

  12. and feel free to throw any and all squirrels in the festive


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