Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I love my camera

I'm reconnecting with one of my favourite old hobbies here. It feels good. I'm gonna run with it.

all photos taken by BPG in the last 3 days


  1. time you put photoshop to work, BPG!

    for the 1st one, add some crimson blood dripping from the wrist (suggested title: relief from photo shoot), for the last one, paste a woodchipper to the right (suggested title: BPG always gets the job done).

    what was that willbefine you were saying re: assholiness and stuff?

  2. cool pictures.
    very cool indeed. used to be one of my hobbies too, before I got kicked out of the house and lost everything I had
    (Including my camera:))

  3. I love your camera too!

  4. when I first clicked to comment my thoughts were "COOL PICS" after reading the first comments tho I am now shuddering

  5. *envy*

    Just don't tell me which camera it is. I probably won't be able to afford it, and I've already decided to get a Canon A640. Now I just have to wait for my budget to catch up with me...

    Have fun!

  6. diggin the pics, my friend

    hey, i remember you created a search engine for the bipolar planet web ring. would you mind if i put it on my new site and say where it came from and all that?

  7. Wow! Amanda, I'll be buying the A640 today so I can video my daughter's kindergarten performance tomorrow. It's big and chunky and just right for my larger hands. It's also available in enough stores here in Daegu for me to be able to do some comparison shopping and get the best price. It'll be 360 000 Korean won, or close to $400.00 US, tax included. I'll post some photos on my blog. Check out flickr.com if you want other examples.

    By the way, BPG, I was right. Mrs. M's nose is much lovelier sans rippled reflection.

  8. Just an update: the A640 frightened me off and I ended up with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX3. It's a video camera as well, and has very convenient controls, straightforward settings, and a Leica lens, all in a compact matte black brushed steel case. I highly recommend it.

    There should be a new video on my blog shortly.


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