Saturday, January 20, 2007

I want one

One of the gadget RSS feeds I follow steered me to Man, do I want one of these things. I'll quote the blurb from their homepage:

"Let's get something straight, you've come to the wrong place if you are looking for a laser pointer. We do not sell laser pointers. Wicked Lasers can burn, slash, melt plastic and when your lighter runs dry, it'll even light up your smoke. This is a joke right? Well you can see here. Have you seen videos like that anywhere else? Didn't think so. Can your laser pointer do that? Didn't think so."

Damn pity that they cost $2000. I better not visit this website when the mania Gods are in control...


  1. A quote from the Wicked Lasers site, "we refuse sales to minors and customers who do not know why they need a laser from us"

    BPG's potential reason for manic purchase, "I wish to point out to civilisation the source of God's power in the night's sky."

    z0tl's potential reason for manic purchase, "I wish to burn the eyes out of those who do not see the true colour/color of truth"

    WillBeFine's potential reason for manic purchase, "I wish to develop an automated star gazing pointing device to work with my unique star gazing tent"

    Yes Sirs, please step this way with your credit cards!

  2. z0tl's daily million dollar business idea: "wikked laZers time shares!" is available BPG, let's get going! i want 8% of the concern once you take it IPO on the Mauritian Stock Exchange!

    also, gekko has already signed a check for our angel round of investment, since he can't say NO to anything green!

    if no bloo lazer, the deal is off, OFF i say, before i stab your left eyeball with a toothpick in absence of proper colored lazer!

  3. My reason for manic purchase: "I know they are out there. This will just help me see them better."

    I love it. 50$ I´m in. (Can´t give more...I went a little overboard the other day...)

  4. slather me in drool
    i'm in

  5. OHHHH MYYYY GODDD that is SOOOOO COOOOOLLLLL!!!!! (dooling).

    In a manic phase I'd use it to tattoo a mustache on the face of the "man in the moon." OR use it to melt a hole in it so it looks like a donut.

    It might also be kind of fun to shorten all the tallest mountains in the world so that my favorite mountain in home state of Colorado is the new tallest. Just so that I can lazily say that I climbed the tallest mountain in the world. :)

    It's a good thing I'm on meds I guess.


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