Friday, January 19, 2007

If you look in my righthand sidebar you will see a little box "BiPolar Guy's moods". Found this brilliant site where you open an account and an can then post your moods at any time you feel inclined. The funny thing about this site is that it has nothing to do with BiPolar. 99% of the participants are muggles. Basically it's a university research project that is researching the correlation between colours and moods. As you'll see above, every time you post you have to choose a colour (or multiple colours) to descibe your mood. The university obviously tallies all the colours and descriptions up and gets some meaningful results (hopefully).

It's a really cool tool for us BiPolars. And it's pretty weird choosing a colour to associate with whatever mood you are in. Not as easy as you would imagine. Try it out.

Way back in the beginning of this blog I used to sign off every post with one of the 5 smileys (or frowny) face at the end of the post to reflect my current mood.

I decided to trash this practice though as I found it counter-productive. As with most mood charting pastimes it makes you focus too much on your short term moods and clouds the bigger cycles, which are usually the much more important ones. However I'm thinking that this moodjam gadget will be different. First: you don't have to declare your mood every time you post, only when you have the inclination. Second, you're not trapped into a choice between 5 predetermined mood states. In the text section you can enter anything - like my last entry was "unsettled". And the whole colour thing is really cool.



  1. i happen to associate BLUE with happy/love and RED with miserable/hate.

    am i color blind? is my perception of blue, your perception of pink?

    so many questions, so few choices!

  2. I've always been a green/no blue type of guy, but recently I'm more into browns and grays. I once had a girlfriend who actually coordinated her different shades of gray clothing so that they wouldn't clash. It was a bit of an eye-opener into colours for me. Gray is actually made up of different degrees of complementary colours, for example red and green, as is brown. I didn't notice that many earth-tones in the chart. Where are all the umbers, ochres, sepias and siennas?


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