Saturday, January 06, 2007

New camera

On account of this week's stress, Mrs M and I headed up the west coast yesterday and spent a night in the little fishing village of Paternoster. It was our first outing with the new camera (courtesy of our insurance co.) , and the architecture had a very "Greek Isles" feel to it.

The one below is "for the road". Spotted by Mrs M on the way back to Cape Town:

All photos by BPG, January 2007


  1. Love the pics, love 'em!...I so covet that numberplate!

  2. Great pictures. They do have a Greek feel to them. You're a good photographer.

  3. your images made me reminisce of life past in EspaƱa. gracias.


  4. ah, yes, remind me next time i go batshit to get myself a vanity license plate; we only get 7 letters here, so mebbe MADNEZZ would be a great 1 for me...

  5. Nice shots. Sorry, dead mind over here. My wife is fighting for my self-respect and won't quit. Yes, I know that is tortured and mysterious, especially when you don't know what is going on.

  6. my vanity plate should read


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