Saturday, January 27, 2007

YouTube video on BiPolar

I like it.


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  2. I found this description on Loserfilmmaker's homepage:

    Bipolar type 1
    June 23, 2006, 04:45 PM
    This is a short animation done for my nursing class. I cover most of the symptoms that appear in bipolar type 1.

    Now here's the challenge:

    Can you list them in the order that they appear?

    (Actually I quite like this video!)

  3. It was cool, but you find cool things a lot

  4. I kept adjusting my speakers trying to get sound- I guess there isnt any? I think its eloquent

  5. man, bpg, youtubes are released in south afrika about 1 year later or what's happening? lemme guess, they're still showing the matrix in cape town theater:z?

    bettah late than nevah, i always say (and mo can confirm i say that in scottish too, not just z-speak).

  6. raine, I had sound.

    And z0tl, as a U tube D tractor, there's no way I would have seen it unless BPG had posted the link.


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