Friday, January 26, 2007

Have you heard the joke about...?

Have you heard the one about the South Korean, the Scotsman, and the chap from San Diego? You see, they were all sitting there one day when....

(to PLEASE be completed).

Note for newcomers to BiPolar Daily: This post may not make any sense to you at all.


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  2. ... teh z0tl man said, hey willbefine, did you see the way BPG started his confession yesterday?

    "I'm pretty damn down at the Mo!"

    where i come from, this is called coming out of the closet and playing the flute!

  3. Just an amendment to the pending joke: it's actually an honorary South Korean by association. I haven't taken the citizenship test yet. One could also insert Father of a South Korean in a pinch.

  4. Have your heard the one about the South Korean, the Scotsman and the chap from San Diego? You see, they were all sitting one day when the South Korean exclaimed, “You know what, we should perform a play about the life of BPG”

    The Scotsman responds, “Is he no the giant written by Roald Dahl ?”

    San Diego dude responds, “Dude, don’t be a fuck’n asshole:z , that is BFG, Big Friendly Giant. We are talking about Bi-Polar guy.”

    The Scotsman, “D’oh! Anyway what has Bipolar guy done that is of any interest?”

    South Korean guy, “He has led a multi-faceted intellectual interpretation of life’s mysteries and wonders!”

    San Diego dude, “Bollocks! He is a fuck’n asshole:z. He should do us all a favour and build a pile of his philosophy books, journals, financial investment books, poetry, medication, word-art and the 1000 remaining copies of his failed, ‘would be best seller’. Climb to the top and jump off. Create a nice South African Bi-Polar road pizza!”

    “I thought BPG is on a diet?” the Scotsman said wryly.

  5. willbefine, hearing this, endarkened sheep z0tl bowed, unsheathed his sw0rd and cut through his own bowel:z to stop laffin his ass off already!

    please supply me with your amazon wish list, i shall buy you a present promptly, it is not often a layman, much less of scottish origin, can make me laugh so uproariously!

    ps: except fervirginmaryssakes, i would nevah evah utter teh w0rd bollock:z and always spell piZZa just so.

  6. Substitute 'choreographed' for 'led', 'erudite' for 'intellectual' and 'deconstruction' for 'interpretation' and you've got my quote spot on.

    Sorry to say, but Craig Ferguson on the Late Late show has me degiggled for the time being...


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