Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blu Bottles .../continued

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This jump from 3 mg pix to 7 mg pix that my new camera has allowed has led to a lot of fun. Compared to 3mg, there is just so much digital landscape to play with. You can crop really small sections of a photo and after doing it for a while you see that, in fact, every photo you take has a myriad of other smaller (often better) photos within it. So there is this like multiplier effect. You only need a few interesting photos to start with (the raw materials) and you can create like 20 from there. These photos above, together with the ones I posted before all came from 4 original photos of the blu bottles above my bed. Sheesh, imagine what 12 mg pix could do...

I really like this new crop-a-lot form of photography. It's got a certain zen-like quality to it - bracketing out all the peripheral noise and focusing on small areas. Simplifying the noise. Clarity.

On my last blu bottle post Kodeureum , faithful follower of BPD, suggested that maybe all the blue was not a good thing for depression. Maybe so, but there's a problem there I'm afraid. The pic below will show you that to un-blue my room will be a HUGE mission.


  1. I should not have read your last post I REALLY should have stuck with the blue bottles (nice work btw)...

    AAAAAAA no honestly, things major like that happen I travel to planet mania in a matter of seconds and create all these theories and .. i need more information. I'll get back to you.

  2. Here is some info on interior decoration. Given that my knowledge on this subject area extends to 0% then copy and paste provides the answers.

    Note that blue is associated to relaxation. Maybe a touch of yellow will lift the blue to the pink?

    Colours in the red, orange and yellow families are referred to as "warm" colours since they evoke images associated with heat, like fire or sunshine. As a result they make us feel warm in a psychological sense.

    This powerful colour increases blood pressure and heart rate. It often produces feelings of intimacy, energy, passion and sexuality. It also stimulates the appetite and is often used in restaurants and is an excellent choice for dining rooms in the home.

    Like red, orange warms a room but in a less dramatic and passionate way. The mood and attitude of orange is more friendly than fiery; more welcoming than seductive. Orange works well in living rooms and family rooms and is also a good choice for children's bedrooms.

    Yellow grabs attention and catches the eye like no other colour, hence the use of yellow highlighters in offices. In poorly lit foyers and hallways, yellow shows the way. In their bedrooms, elderly people report that yellow lifts their mood. But bright yellow can be too strong and may actually cause anxiety in infants, young children and the elderly.

    Blues, greens, violets and their intermediates are considered cool colours because of their references to pastoral landscapes and ocean vistas. When we look at these colours they elicit feelings of peace, tranquillity and relaxation.

    Soothing blue is an ideal bedroom colour choice for adults and children. But that same blue that lulls us to sleep also suppresses our appetites, possibly because there are very few naturally blue foods. Put blue to bed, but try and keep it out of the dining room.

    As the dominant colour in nature, we are at home with green anywhere in the house. Light greens work well in baths and living rooms; mid-range greens are a great accent for kitchens and dining rooms. The calming effect of green makes it popular in hospitals, schools and work environments.

    Despite the favourable response violet elicits in children, many adults dislike purples, with rosier shades of violet being somewhat more appealing. Children's bedrooms and play areas may be good places to experiment with this colour family.

  3. nice bedroom!

    do u have other windows to ur bedroom? try keeping them open. Blue mixed with bright sunlight is a proven mood lifter!

  4. Great pictures!! I love blue bottles. In fact, I am looking to buy an antique blue, poison bottle.

    Odd, huh? Then again, nothing says mentally on edge like collecting poison bottles I guess.

  5. I like it. :) Blue is my favorite.

    Though you wouldn't never guess it if you'd see my house at the moment.

    Decorating is kind of risky when I do it, because it largely depends on my current mood. The past year did some decorating when hyper, (but not too wired.) So it has come out pretty...colorful so far.

  6. I am in the process of redecorating my bedroom the colors Blue and Brown! They are awesome together!!!


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