Monday, February 12, 2007


Wild and far-ranging moods = wild and far-ranging tastes.

Here's my Amazon wishlist which has been going since April 2001. Over the weekend I did a major cull on it but what is left still veers into all sorts of incompatible territories.


  1. Cool. So you're seriously thought of moving to Australia, huh? I've immigrated 3 times now and I'm still not sure where I want to live when I "grow up." ;)

  2. theres your new name!!! Eclectic Man!!!!

  3. There's a name for a new blog: I Sing the Bloggy Eclectic

  4. yeh, i no all about your obsessiveness with the irrelevance of gawds and daemons of N directions, however for teh life of me i can't figure out wtf that clover chick is saying to you in my comments...


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