Sunday, February 11, 2007

In need of a new identity

I've been realising of late that I gotta get myself a new online identity. "BiPolar Guy" doesn't always work, and I'm finding more and more online places where I wanna go, but can't take him with. In my "Offline Life" I'm getting increasingly involved in SEO. And I'm wanting to participate in some of the forums and stuff, but marching in as BPG, isn't necessarily the best way to go about things.

This was illustrated all too palpably recently when I set up some Adsense on the commercial site which I run (which in terms of content and society segment is like 180 degrees to BiPolar Daily). And the adsense adverts sat there on my commercial site for all of a week, and then one day, I hovered over the links and saw the "Advertise on this site" invitation. So I clicked and the damn thing came up with "Advertise on BiPolar Guy's Adsense accounts". F$@@***Ck!!!!!!!

I immediately unchecked the "Advertise on this site" option, but how many of my distinguished customers snuck through my online firewall, I will never know.

It brought me to the harsh reality - I need to split into 2 here. A BPG for all the cool, creative, alternate, bi-polarish stuff, and a "SEOpro" (maybe?) for the professional stuff. It's a friggin schlepp though because it means a new Google account, a new delicious account, new email addresses, new adsense accounts etc. etc. etc. Which means even more passwords and logins. Yeauughhh

So once complete, that will bring my personal identities to 3.
BPG and SEOpro.
And me. The meaty one, typing this post.


  1. In our lives we have multiple facets. We have a different personality when talking to our parents, lovers, priests and refuge collection men. So the online and offline world are not so far apart.

    Install one of the many webpage username and password tools that are out there that keep track of your multiple identities.

  2. I think I'm beginning to like 'kodeureum' more and more. It's unique, Korean, and it says a lot about me. Isn't there an Afrikaans word that might suit your identities and identify you as South African to the cognoscenti?

  3. I have recently reached a similar conclusion, and am no longer blogging as Dreaming Mage.

    I am...


  4. haha, thus cometh z0tl of teh z?tl context, everyone marvels, from quantum mechanists to mad kat:z to emo goths who like to 5p3LL jus7 s0!

    one introwebbed (zTM)-identity since web 0.0!

  5. ps: yeah, i have to the tune of many internet id's and passwords, but i made my password the same across the board. some would say "that's not secure" but nuttin is really secure on the net, so just get a grip and realize you're not top 10 to be hacked next week in 26oo magazine and make your life tons easier.

    pps: those password trackers, especially the free ones, are reknowned to call home and report all the passwords to teh Mother Ship once a month. good luck!

  6. Oh no, that's my biggest nightmare.

    I have always had multiple identities for protection, it makes sense. It's also a huge bother. Ugh.

  7. oh geez what nuisance. I guess I am lucky I chose Raine. Nobody can make anything out of that


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